The Unique Amplifier of Peace. A message?

August 6, 2020

by Pam Boney


Yesterday I was debriefing a True Tilt Personality Profile™, and the overall profile was Clarity, the Quiet Genius. It was no surprise to me that she considered herself a nurturer of harmony. Her occupation is a coach, and she was a nurse in her previous career. These careers are typical for the Clarity Pattern, who loves to serve others, and tirelessly helps those in need one by one.

The Tilt Stack

Next, we proceeded to look at the Tilt Stack, which for her, put Humanity at the top, so she confirmed that she leads first from the heart. She is also very scholarly in her interests, and therefore, the Wisdom quadrant being second in her stack also resonated with her. Being a coach who has been a seeker of self-knowledge for many years, it was no surprise that she also had an awareness that she had integrated much of her shadow parts, the Courage character strengths, and the Resilience character strengths. In fact, in her spiritual journey, she had a keen interest in character strengths before encountering Tilt. She was even working on a collection of Virtues from her Jewish tradition. Wow.

The Unique Amplifier™

Of course, the next thing we looked at together was the Unique Amplifier™. I explained that although her most natural patterns aligned with the Clarity pattern of preference, the Unique Amplifier would tell us how she differs from others grouped into this pattern. In short, her signature amplifier and identity story. As I clicked on the page, I had a sudden awareness that the pattern was extraordinary in some way. Although I had never encountered this particular pattern (there are 1296 potential combinations of patterns), it somehow felt familiar and significant. As we discussed the significance of the expansive aspects of the primary polarity of vision, where the Scholar balances the Visionary, I could feel the power of this combination unfold. Then looking at the two reserved emotional components, balancing Trust and Integrity, completed the picture for me. I have always said that these two sub-personas are the two anchors for the stability created by the Wisdom quadrant. So putting them as anchors for the Vision polarity is quite extraordinary.

We wrapped up the conversation with some general discussion about harmony and scholarly endeavors and concluded the call. I am sure we will revisit it sometime later as it settles within her awareness.

2020, the year the world stood still.

What happened after the call was, without question, a eureka moment for me when I realized that the image was the peace symbol. I am always looking for signs from the still, small voice of the divine creative at times like now. I've thought of this time as the year the world stood still and reconnected with their families. I've wondered about the message mother nature has for us as we wait and listen.

The message is perhaps about peace and compassion. It supersedes the divisiveness and extreme polarization of the election and the world of fear. It is about slowing down. About safety being at the base of our needs. About being with the most important people, we are responsible for loving. Connecting with and caring for one another. Doing the best we can. It is also a reminder of mortality and the precious gift of life and what we choose to do with it.

There will be those who sit still and listen during this time. And there will be those who don't. But always, there will be karma to deal with when it's over. So we would be wise to listen to this message of reflection and peace, while our sisters and brothers fight this battle for us. They will be our heroes. Is it our role to stay put and reduce the spread of illness, and thus, fear. To stay centered and figure out how to serve the world when it subsides.

So, peace be with you and yours. Do something important right now.