Strengths-based personality and agility assessments.

Discover your personality, grow agility with character strengths, and retake your assessments to monitor your progress toward agility. Add the e-learning modules to get the most from your reports.


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True Tilt Personality Profile™ & Unique Amplifier™

Quickly discover your natural character strengths and crack the code to your energizers that amplify your personal brand.

  • Learn why you do what you do and break free from unhealthy habits

  • Understand your secret fears and realize your full potential

  • Find your sweet spot that energizes you with the Unique Amplifier™


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Agility Growth Tracker™

Monitor your balance in 12 character strengths to grow your agility from the inside-out.

  • Discover how thinking about yourself as a "type" can limit your potential

  • Get your personalized stack of 12 proven strengths to work on over time

  • Invest in your growth mindset with weekly tips customized to your needs

  • Monthly group laser coaching sessions for team leaders by certified experts


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Positive Influence Predictor™

Gather feedback on 12 key character strengths measuring your positive influence on others.

  • Understand over and underused strengths and traits

  • Uncover blind spots and hidden strengths

  • Understand your personal path to generativity


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Team Agility Predictor™

Monitor 12 team strengths that predict a climate for agility, generativity, and innovation.

  • Understand the team’s over and underused strengths

  • Uncover team blind spots and hidden strengths

  • Understand How to increase Team Agility


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Enterprise Agility Analytics™

Monitor your influential teams and shift behaviors fast with cultural analytics.

  • Dashboard for managing multiple teams

  • Understand over and underused strengths

  • Uncover blind spots and hidden strengths

  • Understand how to increase organizational agility

  • Identify the underlying drivers of your culture

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