The Rollercoaster Ride to Growth

June 23, 2023

by Erika Bill Peter


In my quest to become more balanced and agile, being able to not only be in Humanity, which is my natural place to hang out but also move into Courage when needed, I am experiencing some great moments of victory and situations that make it difficult to be confident and bold. 


Let me start with my proud moments of personal stretch and growth. I fully trust my intuition now, and if something does not feel right, then I share this with others. While in the past, I would have overthought how it might make me look or how others might take it, I am now comfortable sharing what I believe is going on. Great, a step in the right direction!


Another big change is that I don’t procrastinate having difficult conversations as much anymore. I am not jumping up and in joyful anticipation, but at least I move much faster. I have learned that delaying challenging conversations only makes them more complicated. To my surprise, my worries about the negative reaction of other people are often less severe than anticipated.


Now, let’s look at the ‘what Erika is still struggling with’. Well, to be totally honest, there are times, when I don’t like certain direction things are going or I feel that it is not the right thing for me, but I still just go along. Deep inside, I question whether I am not flexible or experimental enough. I can feel the internal struggle between what I believe I want and what I am supposed to do. What helps me in these situations is an honest friend I can talk to to get an external perspective, a voice of wisdom. Most of the time, those growth guides tell me to stick to what is right for me.


So what is your biggest growth story to be more courageous? What are you still struggling with the most? It is so helpful to know that we are not alone in this! Let’s celebrate our life long growth journey with humility and a sense of humor.

About the Author:  

I am Erika, a Connection Tilt who is currently tilting strongly into Courage to become more balanced and agile in dealing with challenging situations and people.