Grow an agile personality by developing your character strengths.

Personality is not a set type, people change all the time. And it is your character strengths that determine your personal and professional outcomes. Uncover your personality preferences, dominant character strengths, and areas for improvement to become more agile in life and work. Learn how you can Tilt four patterns of behavior that are proven to amplify creativity and innovation at work.


True Tilt Personality Profile™

Quickly discover your natural character strengths and understand what is driving them.

Unique Amplifier™

Crack the code to the energizers and social preferences that amplify your personal brand.

Agility Growth Tracker™ - Coming soon!

Track your development of balance over time and identify early warning signs that can derail relationships.

Positive Influence Predictor™

Gather feedback on 12 key character strengths measuring your positive influence on others.

Why Tilt?


Personality is not static

You are not at the mercy of your innate traits or contexts.


Rewire your identity

Don’t just react to external chaos, instead strengthen yourself from the inside out.


Discover your true self

Who you are right now is the driver of your current results, so answer honestly.


My natural tendency is to be...


Anxiety is at an all time high

Does it sometimes feel like you are at the effect of the world instead of derived by your own inner strength? Discover the 12 character strengths that have been proven to increase your ability to respond to external circumstances with grace and ease.

Who's Tilting

What people are saying

There’s nothing like the current moment to get started changing your life and career outcomes. “Personality is where we begin, but it’s our character that truly shapes our destiny.” -Pam Boney

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