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Understand "why" you do what you do

Does your personality have you, or do you have it? 

Take control of your personal development with our strengths-based personality assessments.


Can personality types change?

YES. Despite the common theme that “personality is who you are,” researchers have long known that personality can shift naturally as people age or more dramatically with impactful life experiences. However, newer science suggests that people can intentionally change their personality. Research in neuroscience, habit change, and even experiments using targeted mobile apps has shown that with appropriate goals and conscious effort, people are able to shift their personality. This is why Tilt tools are designed to help with intentional change. Because your personality doesn’t control you; you control it. The result of intentional change is powerful and leads to agility, generativity, and positivity.

01. True Tilt Personality Profile

A modern strengths-based personality assessment, based on neuroscience and character science. Provides deep, personalized insights and offers suggestions to help you grow. Helps you understand not only what you do, but why you do it. Results are reported in a memorable visual framework - get started in as little as 5 minutes.

02. Positive Influence Predictor

This 360-feedback assessment helps people grow their character strengths and personal agility. Observer feedback is collected in real-time in a variety of contexts and enables you to see your influence grow over time as you collect feedback.

05. New E-Learn Modules

Tilt 365 partnered with a world-class learning agency to create a new offering, our self-paced E-Learning modules for the True Tilt Personality Profile, Positive Influence Predictor, and Team Agility Predictor. These upgrades allow you to learn how to identify your True Tilt, develop an agile mindset, and understand your unique amplifier.

Who's Tilting


Strengths based personality assessments

True Tilt Personality Profile
$49 / user

A wicked fast personal strengths assessment with modern, relevant language to discover your most natural character strengths. The Tilt visual framework makes it easy to remember and apply.

  • Strengths Based Personality Assessment
  • Actionable Development Plan
  • Retakes Available As You Change
  • E-Learn Module (Upgrade)
Positive Influence Predictor
$199 / user

Annual Subscription. Gather ongoing feedback on how well you use 12 key character strengths. This character-based strengths assessment tool gives you the feedback to be more agile and generative


What people are saying about our strengths assessment

Hear how executives, coaches, and team leaders use the Tilt strengths assessment tools to grow a generative work culture.

Sarah Larson
Sarah Larson-Head of Global Talent Management & Development at Atlassian

I love that Tilt helps us become conscious of what’s going on around us (the stress) and what it triggers inside of us (the fears) – as well as those things for our teammates. When companies, and teams, learn how they tilt, and overtilt under stress, incredible things happen - we become more bold and fearless and foster the conditions for innovation and creativity to prosper. We're hooked here at Atlassian!

Stuart Crabb
Stuart Crabb-Former Global Head of Learning at Facebook

Facebook was seeking a tool that would help reinforce this thinking, enabling leaders to have a positive and balanced perspective on their impact... TILT was the only tool of its kind in the marketplace that truly addressed these criteria, and it became the preferred tool for all our coaching engagements across the organization.

Ann-Marie Archer
Ann-Marie Archer-Founder & CEO, Archer & Associates

Tilt 365 is a valuable tool when our team of coaches is working with our executive and emerging leader clients. Tilt enables us to help these high achievers gain better insight and deeper understanding of themselves, others, and everyone's unique place/contribution to the team. Other beneficial outcomes include elevating communication quality to reduce interpersonal conflict, creating more effective team cohesion on commitments, and giving greater "voice" to those who may be marginalized due to their quieter/more thoughtful approach.

Frank Calderoni
Frank Calderoni-Chief Executive Officer at Anaplan

I have found that Tilt really gets to the heart of what makes people tick and can be a very helpful tool for shaping team culture. And at Anaplan, we have definitely taken it to a whole new level... What I appreciate about Tilt is that every person has all four personality types, we just tend to lean toward one or two more than the rest.

Patrick Curran
Patrick Curran-Executive Coach, CREO

I've just completed 3 days of intensive Tilt 365 training. I'm a lover of StrengthsFinder and have completed many other individual and team assessments. Tilt is POWERFUL - going deeper and further for personal growth and team agility than any tool I've seen...

Adria Trowhill
Adria Trowhill-Adria Trowhill MCC, Dean Emerita in perpetuity, Adler Faculty of Professional Coaching

TILT solutions are without par in my experience. Pam and her team are changing the way coaches and organizations approach leadership. TILT 365 is sure to have an unprecedented impact on leaders everywhere!

Glodean Champion
Glodean Champion-Personal Growth & Leadership Development Coach

Unlike other personality assessments I've taken in the past, TILT strengthens my self awareness in how I'm naturally designed but also how I'm showing up in any given situation. This is extremely helpful to my work as a coach because I now recognize when I'm trying to climb in the driver's seat to "solve" my clients problems which then forces myself to get comfortable in the passenger seat so I can be the BEST navigator instead.

DeLisa Alexander
DeLisa Alexander-Former executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Red Hat

It’s essential to have mechanisms like Tilt that enable associates to provide actionable feedback and foster self-awareness of how each of us “shows up” to our colleagues. Tilt has also been a valuable addition to our toolkit for diversity and inclusion...

Neerja Bhatia
Neerja Bhatia-Cultural Transformation Consultant

True Tilt is my go to tool for executive development because of the insightful connections and depth it provides on the inner workings of behaviors and character strengths. What I love most about the tool is that it steers away from labeling human intelligence while mapping out choices for leading with positive influence and agility.


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The True Tilt Personality Profile measures both your natural, inherited character strengths and how they have been modified by your experiences in your family of origin and beyond. It is basically a more modern way to think about and measure personality tendencies and how they've evolved. It is a forced choice assessment, which means that it forces you to choose between two options. The results reveal what your brain is most “wired” to choose.

The Positive Influence Predictor assessment measures how others view our use of the 12 character strengths and four meta-strengths in the Tilt model. The more balanced and agile we are in using each of the 12 character strengths, the more positive our influence will be. Using the Tilt 365 feedback tool on an ongoing basis helps people, leaders, and teams get better at quickly reading situations and responding in ways that increase the likelihood of positive outcomes.

Personality assessments can be useful for recruitment, selection, placement, and development. The use case depends on the specific assessment and the way it has been designed and validated. There are many different types of personality tests for employment, and as long as they are used for their intended, and validated purpose, they can be excellent tools for employers. Tilt strengths assessments are designed for personal and professional development. They can increase self-awareness, other-awareness, and help employees develop all of their strengths, not just those that come most naturally.

Tools to measure personality are all better described as “assessments,” even though the more commonly used term is probably “tests.” Tests are designed to quantify a level of knowledge or skills, so there are correct answers. There is no such thing as a correct personality, so there can’t be a “test” of it. There are some traits and strengths that can lead to benefits in certain situations, which is why many personality assessments are used, but there is not an ideal personality that is always best. So rather than seeing if respondents pick the correct answer, the goal of personality assessments is to most accurately assess people’s natural tendencies for interpreting and interacting with the world.

The short answer is no. We do not recommend using Tilt for hiring as it is a developmental tool as opposed to a selection tool. A True Tilt is a set of natural preferences of your genetic personality pattern that only shows where people begin, not all of who they are now. We recommend hiring for balance on all 12 character strengths first and then afterwards knowing someone's True Tilt can be useful for possible role fit, etc. but the overall intention is for participants to be able to develop agility for all four of the Tilt patterns.

The Tilt 365 model is scientifically validated to measure what it says it measures. If you are interested in more details about the psychometric evidence for the True Tilt Personality Profile, you can request our technical reports here. Further, our research indicates that using Tilt to develop ourselves and our teams can lead to positive changes such as creating a climate for creativity and innovation.

A coach is not required but may be very helpful. The report is designed so that you can read it and decide on a development path for yourself. The value of engaging a True Tilt Personality Profile Certified Practitioner, or coach, is that they can help you develop yourself and get results more quickly than you might on your own. This is because they have been trained in the Tilt model framework and its implications in addition to having achieved coaching certification through their national and international professional organizations. Visit our practitioners directory today to get connected with a coach that best suits your needs.

Please click here to learn more about getting certified in our suite of assessment tools.

Our Creative Director, Bob Ostrom, is the mastermind behind the lizards. The lizards themselves were created to help Tilt 365 achieve 3 things:

  1. The characters would allow us to present our material in a playful manner that would keep our audience engaged but not detract from the science behind Tilt's message.
  2. Allow us to lighten up, have some fun, and redirect the focus on some of the weightier topics we teach.
  3. We believed that a picture is worth a thousand words and wanted to increase the memorable aspect of patterns of behaviors to quicken learning time and retention.

No humans did not evolve from lizards and we don’t really have a lizard brain.  But it’s a really useful metaphor for the unruly parts inside us that react quickly.

Go beyond a personality type