Empowering Effective Leadership with Tilt365

August 10, 2023

by Tiffany David


In today's rapidly changing and competitive business landscape, leaders face a myriad of challenges that demand exceptional decision-making, communication, and problem-solving skills. To ensure they lead their teams with confidence and efficacy, an understanding of their work personality and strengths is crucial. This is where Tilt365 comes into play, providing leaders with valuable insights that can lead to better leadership practices and improved team dynamics. In this blog, we will explore how these tools can help leaders maximize their potential and drive success in their organizations.

Discover Your Work Style

Tilt's personality and team assessments offer leaders a deeper understanding of their preferred leadership style, allowing them to leverage their strengths and address areas that may need to be strengthened like any muscle. In comparison to other assessments, Tilt does not assign a label or put people into buckets. Instead, through gaining insights into their communication preferences, decision-making approach, and leadership behaviors, leaders can become more agile in order to create a positive and productive work environment.

Positive Team Dynamics

Leaders who are aware of their work personality traits can better understand, leverage, and appreciate the diverse personalities within their teams. With this knowledge, they can optimize team dynamics by assigning tasks that play to each team member's strengths, promote collaboration, and navigate productive conflict. Tilt365 can also help leaders identify the right fit for specific roles, leading to improved team performance and overall job satisfaction and engagement.

Trust Starts Here

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful trust-based relationships. By recognizing their work preferences and communication style through assessments, leaders can tailor their messages to resonate with their team members better. Understanding the preferred work styles of team members can also foster better collaboration, resulting in increased transparency and trust within the organization.

Uncertainty requires Agility

Tilt365 provides leaders with valuable information about their decision-making style and problem-solving approach, as well as blind spots. By encouraging allyship, generative skills are improved for agility. Armed with this knowledge, leaders can optimize their decision-making processes by enlisting the help and support of the team, ensuring they are well-suited to tackle complex challenges efficiently. Moreover, understanding their cognitive strengths can lead to more effective delegation and creative input.

Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

Leaders with high emotional intelligence can create a supportive and motivating work environment, leading to increased employee engagement and productivity. Tilt365 is helping leaders to identify growth areas and develop strategies to better connect with their team members on an emotional level.

When More is More

Tilt365 can act as a compass for leaders' personal development journey. Armed with self-awareness, leaders embark on focused coaching, training, and skill development programs to significantly enhance their leadership capabilities. Investing in personal growth not only benefits the individual leader but also positively impacts the entire organization.

We can all agree that research has shown us that happy and engaged employees are more productive.  When leaders create positive work teams that model self-awareness and appreciation for diverse work styles, employees respond very well. Embracing the power of self-discovery through the powerful tools in Tilt365 is a crucial step for any leader committed to becoming the best version of themselves and inspiring greatness in others.

About the Author

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Tiffany David is a Professional Coach Specializing in Compassion, Mental Fitness, and Emotional Resiliency, Oxfordshire England

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