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Why You Should be Napping.

Why You Should be Napping.

I was watching one of those motivational speakers the other day. Those guys are great. They get you all fired and ready to seize the day but about halfway through the video he lost me. He launched in his segment on working harder. Success is all about working harder. When the world was watching tv he was working, when the world was sleeping he was working, when the world was ready to give up he was working even harder… “..If I wasn’t working as hard as him then I just didn’t want it bad enough.”

I can’t remember when sleep became such a precious commodity.

I can’t remember when sleep became such a precious commodity in my life. Maybe in college when I developed the terrible habit of working late into the night. Maybe after I started my own business working the same crazy hours. Definitely when I had kids and sleep became almost nonexistent. Maybe again as my business grew and I traded sleep hours for work hours. He almost had me but if there are two things I know for sure it’s that sleep deprivation equals stress and stress sucks.

We like to wear stress like a badge of honor

Study after study confirms the importance of reducing stress and increasing sleep but somehow those messages seem to escape the general public. Don’t believe me? Try this, next time you run into an acquaintance just mention how busy you are and check out their reaction. We like to wear stress like a badge of honor. I’ll bet their reaction is sympathy and acknowledgment. It might even have been followed by a story about how crazy their life is. Now try this, next time someone asks you what’s up, tell them things are amazing, you have tons of free time and you spend it all just enjoying life. I’ll bet the reaction is quite different. They might even ask you if you’re okay or recovering from a serious illness.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Why is working ourselves to death such an honorable thing? Why is missing sleep and stressing out the only way to prove how truly dedicated we are? Dedicated to what? Poor health and a stressful life? That guy in the video was pretty convincing but between you and me what I could really use right now is a nap.