Personality strengths assessments designed to build an agile culture.

Personality, strengths and agility assessments that take traditional assessments to a whole new level and help you drive agility. Everyone learns four specific agilities that produce four behavior shifts. Switch norms more quickly to initiate a strategic realignment of the organization.

Speed up strategic culture shifts with Tilt-Agility™

When people learn the language of Tilt-Agility™, they can Intentionally Tilt to changing contexts fast.
Psychological safety

Enable psychological safety. Mixed motives, ego fears, and internal conflict can lead to corporate dysfunction. You can build a great company culture by cultivating a growth mindset.

Drive engagement

The modern workforce is changing, and so is the way work culture is being embedded. Customize and share your organizational message and values in a new, engaging way.

Leverage people metrics

With our assessment Dashboard with people analytics, you can quickly monitor the health of your organization, identifying organizational strengths and potential warning signs.

Invest in your people

Our assessments are designed for leadership development programs, workshops, and Team Agility Labs™ and delivered through our world-wide network of Tilt certified practitioners.

Build a better culture

Personalize your organizational messaging with a Tilt Culture Kit™ that helps align people strategies with business objectives, increasing a sense of purpose and meaning.

Transform your culture

Shift the norms of your most influential teams to lead the way toward a generative culture. "Don't be so focused on your preference that you fail to achieve your purpose."Michael Euliss, Motivational Speaker and International Leadership Coach

Who's Tilting

What people are saying

There’s nothing like the current moment to get started changing your life and career outcomes. “Personality is where we begin, but it’s our character that truly shapes our destiny.” -Pam Boney

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