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Honoring Character Day

Honoring Character Day

Every week we pick a topic here at Tilt to write about, our topic this week is honorable and while that is a great topic I’m going to cheat just a little bit and change things ever so slightly from honorable to honor. There’s an important reason for that and the reason is that Friday and Saturday are Character Day and there could not be a better day to celebrate for us here at Tilt. So this Friday and Saturday, Sept 26 -27th we are honoring Character Day. If you are unfamiliar with Tilt365 and wondering why we are so strongly connected to character and how character strength affects our everyday lives let me help try and clear things up a little. 

At Tilt365, we talk a lot about character and character strength, we talk about the four main character patterns, connection, clarity, structure and impact. These patterns are based on natural behavioral patterns we all display. We have a natural tendency to lean more predominantly in one direction than the others. So for example when I display strengths in humanity and resilience I am demonstrating a preference for Connection. These character strengths can serve us well when they are balanced with other character strengths that we prefer less, but can nevertheless demonstrate when the context requires it. Our True Tilt Personality Pattern is what we think of as our natural strengths but if we become stressed or fall out of balance and lean too hard on them they can quickly go from strength to weakness. Our goal then is to find a balance. When we are balanced we can be our better selves - our true authentic self, instead of personality traits that are not really who we are. Based on our character strength we may find areas where we excel and find others where we struggle. These traits clue us in on the areas where we need to work the most. They also help us recognize how we show up and how we interact with others. So as we work on strengthening or weaknesses the ultimate goal is agility. Agility is a balance in 12 specific character strengths, a place where we can be our very best selves. 

Why is agility so important? Most of us do not work or live in a vacuum. We work in teams. When we work in a team it is important that we bring our best selves to that team and the interactions we have with others. When we understand our strengths and weaknesses we have the ability to improve our interactions, relationships and better our performance. Think about some of the teams you have been a part of. What were the dynamics like? Maybe you thought about a team where everyone worked well together and complement each other’s contributions. Here character strengths were most likely valued and each person felt their contributions were supported and respected most of the time. On the other hand, maybe you thought about a team where the opposite was true, a team where you didn’t feel respected and the team members did not get along. Perhaps there was a power struggle or a person who used an authoritarian approach to lead the team. Either way, by observing these behaviors we can start to understand how and why character strength is important. 

What if there were methods we could use to identify specific leadership traits that could bolster team dynamics creating a safe productive balanced environment as opposed to a dysfunctional chaotic environment filled with unbridled personalities? What if there were a way to identify how to improve relationships, understand and manage triggers to provide leaders and individuals with the ability to identify their own strengths and weaknesses so they can take ownership and learn better ways to manage stress?

These are just some of the things we focus on at Tilt365 if you want to learn more you may want to check out  Tilt Presence by Pam Boney, Illustrated and designed by yours truly, available on Amazon