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We are only as reliable as the systems we set up.

We are only as reliable as the systems we set up.

My first car was a 73 Capris Classic. It was an enormous luxury car built mainly for highway travel. Back in it’s day it had been the envy of many. Unfortunately, it’s day had been 13 years before I got a hold of it. Like most cars, it served me well at first but as it aged it became less and less reliable. My need for reliable transportation, on the other hand, was increasing. I was working as a freelance artist in those days and most of my work required me to be on location. Knowing I could never really count on that car was a great source of stress in my life and wondering where it would leave me stranded that day or the next left me in a very difficult position. I continued to drive that car until the wheels fell off, the transmission fell out, and anything else it could think of to keep me off balance and in fear that I would not make it to my next destination. I drove it because it felt like the only option I had at the time. 

We are only as reliable as the systems we set up. When something is broken or unreliable our balance is thrown off and we cannot perform at our best. Yet for some reason, we tend to cling to things for much longer than we should. It took me until that car broke down and the cost of repair was greater than the value of the car itself to finally replace it. It seems silly to me now but at the time I was uncertain about the auto buying process. I didn’t know how to shop for credit or if I would even qualify. I didn’t know how to look for a new/used car and was terrified of being taken advantage of and winding up in a similar situation or worse. All these fears kept me from moving forward. My personal life suffered, my business life suffered all because I was avoiding what I knew needed to happen, putting it off until there was no putting it off any longer.

The day I finally replaced that car my life changed. Suddenly I no longer had to worry about reaching my destination or finding excuses for being late or not showing up at all. My world opened up my business grew and took on new proportions. The time I spent fretting over repair and maintenance was gone and allowed me to focus on growth and new potential. What are you still holding onto that is unreliable or dragging you down? What will it take for you to finally make a change?