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The illusion of perfection.

The strive for perfection can be a good thing. It pushes us forward, improves our work and makes us better at what we do but what happens when  perfection gets in the way? We’ve all been there. You’ve spent days, weeks, months on a project but just as you near completion self-doubt begins to creep in. You begin to backpedal, is your material good enough? Maybe if you just fix this or change that it will be better. You go online to check out what the competition is up to and suddenly you’re running around in circles questioning everything. How do you stop that runaway train? How do you regain control?

Many years ago I was prepping for an online class when I got caught up in the spiral. I called my good buddy Coach Carlos and asked for his opinion. He told me this wasn’t about the material. This was about nerves and self-doubt.  
"But what if I’m not the expert they’re expecting?” I asked. 
"We’ve worked together for years,” he explained. “Your material is fine. Look at it this way, to every third grader a fourth grader is a god. You don’t have to know everything. These people came to you because you have something to teach them. They don’t care if you know everything they just want to learn what you’re teaching.

Nobody ever reaches a magic level where they’ve learned everything. You are where you are because you worked hard to get here. Are there others out there who might have achieved higher levels? Of course, but like my good buddy Coach Carlos says. To every third grader, a fourth grader is a god.