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Too Friendly
Too Friendly

Always be friendly with the people you meet. Seems innocent enough. It's something we are told from the time we are very young but is this really the best advice? By default, I always try to be friendly with people I meet but there is another important part of the equation I also try to consider as well and that is sincerity. When we meet someone who is genuinely friendly they are best described as open, warm and most of all sincere. When sincerity is missing is usually when we notice something's wrong. It's not always easy to spot right away but it often shows up when someone is being overly friendly or a little too nice. While there no real harm in being “too nice” there is usually an ulterior motive and that motive often revolves around someone who is trying to gain an advantage over us. The salesman who’s a little too chummy with that “great deal”, the coworker you don’t get along with who is suddenly very nice for no apparent reason, the guy who wants you to sign the contract without reading the fine print. Unfortunately, when we are too friendly with people who want to take advantage of us we end up inviting behavior that is not always in our best interest. True Friendship is best when it is earned through trust, openness and sincerity.