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When the lights come on
When the lights come on

Sometimes we’re dug in so deep that we forget to look up. Not long ago I was struggling with a project and things weren’t going well. It was taking forever and I was getting nowhere but instead of looking for a better solution, like a dog with a bone, I doubled down, dug in and decided to try and grind it out. The harder I dug the more resistance I felt.  I was getting frustrated and approaching my limit when suddenly the phone rang. It was an old college buddy (who also happens to be a brilliant designer). He sensed my frustration and in an attempt to snap me out of it asked if he could help. He listened patiently then explained there was a very simple solution to my problem. The program I was using had a hidden automated feature that was designed to handle 98% of what I had just spent the last 4 hours toiling over. I felt relieved and ridiculous all at the same time. The solution to most of our problems is usually simpler than we think IF we’re willing to seek the help we need when we need it. Just like flicking on a light switch, help is usually just a click away.