True Tilt Profile $39

True tilt
What is your natural Tilt preference?

The True Tilt Profile is a one-time self-assessment that helps individuals discover their most natural personality tendencies – Not only what you do but why you do it. Understand your natural strengths and specific path of development to become more self-aware, productive and creative. Learn how to achieve more internal balance and adopt the agile growth mindset essential in the global economy.

Relevant & inclusive language

Many assessments use dated, irrelevant language because their research is based on a boomer-dominated workforce. Over two-thirds of today’s workforce is Millennial or younger and doesn’t want to be boxed in as a “type.” Our findings? Today's ideal personality is not fixed, but adaptive to the situation. Over time learners grow a capacity to quickly shift behaviors to the optimal Tilt for the context.

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Positive Influence Predictor $199/year

Autonomy & freedom

The Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor is a powerful and robust 360-feedback tool that allows individuals to collect and manage their own evolution all in one place, 365 days a year. Track how you change by seeing your “Current Tilt” from Observer feedback and grow in real time by tweaking behavioral habits that better reflect the way you truly intend to interact with the various groups of people in your life.

Repeatable feedback in context

As a user-driven dashboard experience, Tilt 365 is fundamentally different from conventional “static” assessments in that it helps you develop over time at your own pace. Learn how taking charge of your identity development is a game changer in today's free agent economy. Repeatable feedback enables you to see your influence grow by avoiding extremes that trigger counterproductive team dynamics.

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Team Climate Profile $99

Team climate profile
Visual & memorable

Once everyone has taken their individual True Tilt Profile, we can compile the team’s results on a validated visual framework for leadership strategy. Used by teams who must iterate quickly, the Team Climate Profile is the starting point for team culture change that creates the opportunity for rapid innovation.

A "growth mindset" agile culture

Team Climate can change rapidly with the right mindset and common language that people can remember and apply so it sticks. Have "key influencer" teams within your organization adopt this tool and witness the culture shift that unfolds. Then easily scale the tool across the organization to enable generative outcomes.

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The Four Tilt Patterns

Connection — The Cross Pollinator

Connection full body

When you are Tilting in Connection it means you are focused on connecting People and Ideas and have a natural intuition for reading other people’s emotions. You know how to lean into their needs to give them precisely what they appear to want.

Impact — The Change Catalyst

Impact full body

When Tilting in Impact it means that you are focused on connecting Ideas and Action and have a natural proclivity for inventing new solutions. A catalyst for innovation, you are comfortable with risk and like taking new ideas and putting them into action.

Clarity — The Quiet Genius

Clarity full body

Tilting in Clarity means you are focused on connecting People and Information and have a natural proclivity for interpreting and analyzing data that can ultimately affect people. Patient with doing your homework and investigating the details thoroughly, you like taking time to dive deep and interpret the risk of various paths of action.

Structure — The Mastermind

Structure full body

When Tilting in Structure, you are focused on connecting Information and Action and have a natural proclivity for masterminding and building intricate, precise systems that offer stability and sustainability to the world. You know how to focus and execute work that requires complex reasoning and heavy task orientation.

Discover your True Tilt.

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