Living a Conscious Life

April 4, 2023

by Erika Bill Peter


Where did my life go? Was that all there was?

Many people, often around mid-life or earlier, ask themselves these questions. 

We keep busy with our lives, building our careers, raising a family, and moving into a bigger apartment or house, all in order to bring more money home to pay for it all. We barely have time to meet with friends and keep our social life up, not to mention squeezing in some sport, hobby, or time for ourselves. Time flies by with so many commitments and a busy schedule. We ride the wave unconsciously, without asking ourselves if this is what we want. Then it suddenly hits us. Where did my life go? Was that all there was? 

We regret the things we missed out on. Spending too much time at work and not enough with family or friends. We have regrets for not doing the things that make us happy. So what can we do to avoid this big hole, this existential disappointment? 

  • Start living a conscious life right now. Be present, and experience the beauty of what is to the fullest. 

  • Examine regularly that what you do and how you spend your time is aligned with your purpose, vision, and true desires.

  • Don’t waste your time looking into the past and regretting what you have not done. You did the best you could at that time and are making changes right now.

Enjoy the start of your new life to the fullest, today.