Fear, Division, and Moral Outrage?

May 2, 2023

by Bob Ostrom


Have the wheels come off?

Have you heard the saying, "When the wheels come off?" It means reaching a sudden point of failure. Have we reached that point in humanity? It depends on where you get your information. If you feel the answer is yes, please try a little experiment that helped increase my self-awareness not too long ago. 


Marshall McLuhan once said the medium is the message. Take a look at your medium. Social, news, groups, friends network, entertainment, all your incoming information. What does the majority of the messaging look like? Is it positive and affirming? Supportive, uplifting? Or doom, gloom, fear, division, and moral outrage? 


How we feel is often a reflection of what we surround ourselves with. If you are exposing yourself to fear and negativity, consider the outcome. Your brain logs all new incoming data, stores it in your thought wiring and becomes part of you forever. 


Try stepping away and see if things begin to change. I know it feels scary, but I promise you if you change your mind, it will all be there waiting for you with open arms when you return. But what if you didn't have to return to your old habits? What would life look like without the constant wash of fear, divisiveness, and anxiety?