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True Tilt Profile

True Tilt Profile

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True Tilt Profile Assessment 

Natural tendencies in personality. 

Science has shown that people are too complicated to just be labeled a type. If you have taken any other personality test, then you probably thought, "This is just like me! Sometimes." We recognize that people adapt to their situations so the True Tilt Profile is designed to help you discover your natural tendencies and how they can look at different times. The report provides deep, personalized, actionable insights to help you understand, appreciate, and strengthen your true self from the inside out.

Are you a Cross Pollinator, Master Mind, Change Catalyst, or Quiet Genius?

The True Tilt Profile is a quick self-assessment that indicates your most natural personality and work style tendencies. It goes much further than other personality and style assessments in some important ways:

  1. Articulates not only what you do (patterns) but why you do it (motives).
  2. Results are reported on a holistic, validated visual framework that is memorable. 
  3. Shows your pattern in comparison to other patterns to help you communicate with other people.
  4. Describes that you are not one "type" but instead adapt (or Tilt) to fit the situation.
  5. Gives you the tools you need to effectively use your strengths in different situations.

Why does it matter?

So what's in it for you? The information you need to transform your life with increased productivity, well-being, and happiness. With the True Tilt Profile, you learn not only about your character strengths, but also why you work best with certain people and perhaps not so well with others. Your report will also indicate negative ways you respond to stress and how you can prevent those detrimental behaviors. Understanding your natural strengths and specific path of development will help you become more self-aware, productive and creative. 

How to Get Started

We created the True Tilt Profile to help individuals throughout organizations quickly rise above the inefficiency, destructive leadership, drama, politics, lack of accountability, scapegoating, and other annoyances present in many workplaces by using their preferred strengths more effectively. 

  1. Purchase a credit for the True Tilt Profile. 
  2. Take the quick self-assessment and read your snapshot of results on your device.
  3. Dig deeper by clicking into the Full Report that contains over 20 pages of content all about you. 
  4. Build a development plan for evolving yourself over time.
  5. Watch your life and work outcomes begin to change. 

Tilt365 named Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation Companies for 2017 by Training Industry.

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Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor

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Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor

Continuous, real-time feedback about how others see your character strengths and influence style - as often as you like, 365 days a year!

How are you supposed to improve if no one ever tells you how you are doing? Rather than creating a "one and done" static report that dies in a drawer, the Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor operates as a live user-driven dashboard for an ongoing transformational experience 365 days year. This feedback tool is driven by you, so you become your own researcher and learn about yourself over time. Putting ownership for personal development in your hands allows you to change what you truly want to change. When you are motivated to change, it sticks.

Why choose Tilt?

We know that personality is just the beginning, and building character strengths shape how well a person will thrive. The Positive Influence Predictor shows you where your strengths are and where you can improve. Here are a few of the things that make this tool different than most 360 feedback tools:

  • Asking for feedback can be an intimidating process so our web app and subscription model allow you to request feedback whenever you want over the course of a year. Many of our clients decide to gather feedback 3-4 times each year, sometimes involving different stakeholders, to optimize growth and positive influence.
  • The comprehensive report compares your self-assessment to how others see you, indicating your top strengths, blind spots, hidden strengths, and much more. From this information, the report offers deep and personal, yet immediately actionable, insights.
  • The interactive dashboard provides built in positive reinforcement and self-study. You can post your goals with friends and get positive feedback along the way. 
  • Tilt is based on a scientifically validated framework for leadership and positive influence. 
  • Bonus resources to help facilitate your development in our Knowledge Base and wiki are included.
  • We're always looking into what's next, so we'll be providing you with free resources,insights, and tools on the latest trends in people innovation, including our "Weekly Challenge" tips focused on agility, balance, flow, and habit change.

How to get started:

  1. Purchase a credit for a one-year subscription to Tilt365 Positive Influence Predictor.
  2. Complete your self-assessment first.
  3. Invite others to observe how you are showing up in terms of 12 character strengths.
  4. Review your full report and choose one habit to change. Commit to studying about it and practicing a new habit for 30 days. Then repeat!
  5. Watch your positive influence expand and your career and relationships improve dramatically.

Tilt365 named Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation Companies for 2017 by Training Industry.

USD 199.0000

Team Climate Profile Composite Report

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Team Climate Profile

The Tilt of members of a group or team collectively shape the team climate. The Team Climate Profile is useful for predicting how a team may behave in terms of collective top character strengths, as well as how they will behave under stress. The report provides a compilation of the True Tilt Patterns of a group of individuals and how these patterns will shape the team's interactions. It is useful for improving the climate of a wide variety of teams: intact teams, cross-functional teams, self-managing teams, learning cohorts, and special project teams. 

In addition to improving individual teams, the Team Climate Profile can act as a catalyst for organizational change. Organizational culture is hard to change, but changing the climate of important teams can ignite an organizational shift. Team Climate can change rapidly with the right mindset and common language that people can remember. Have "key influencer" teams within your organization adopt this tool and witness the culture shift that unfolds.

Why choose this tool?

  • Visual & memorable
  • Team Climate Profile is the starting point for team culture change that creates the opportunity for rapid innovation.
  • Create awareness of and appreciation for the character traits and strengths of your colleagues.
  • Recognize what happens to your colleagues (and to you!) when you’re under stress. Purposefully shift as a team based on context.
  • Create conditions for success and innovation for your team, your leaders,and even your entire organization.

Scalable Reporting:

The Tilt Team Climate Profile is built on top of the True Tilt Profile, meaning your team members only need to take one assessment. The same person can be on many Team Climate Reports, and teams can quickly update the report with the most current members without anyone needing to take additional assessments! This gives you the option to quickly analyze the Team Climate Profile of your entire organization, team-by-team or function-by-function, so you can understand where your Master Minds, Quiet Geniuses, Change Catalysts, and Cross Pollinators reside in your organization.

How to get started:

  1. Purchase enough credits for the True Tilt Profile Individual assessments ($39/each) for every member of the team, and purchase one credit for the Tilt Team Climate Profile ($99). 
  2. Add team members to take the True Tilt Profile individual assessment. 
  3. Go to your assessments dashboard and generate your Tilt Team Climate Profile Report. 
  4. Read and analyze the results of your report and have a dialogue to discuss the implications with the team

**For the best results: get certified in the tool, hire a certified Tilt expert to help you, or hire Tilt to do a workshop for your team! 

USD 99.0000

Tilt 365 Team Agility Predictor

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Tilt Team Agility Predictor

In today's fast-paced environment, companies have to innovate and adapt to stay relevant. Large, cumbersome companies are being outmaneuvered by small, independent teams that are able to make and implement decisions quickly. With so much riding on these types of teams, it is important for them to be cohesive and effective. Effective team interactions require character strengths. The Team Agility Predictor provides a metric to measure a team's effective and ineffective behavior patterns so that team members have the information they need to act as a more cohesive unit. 


The Team Agility Predictor allows team members to compare how they see the team and its strengths to how the team leader and external stakeholders view the team. The report gives a wholistic view of the team and developmental suggestions that can be used to create a more effective team climate. There are many reasons to use this instrument regularly to accelerate outcomes. Here are a few:

  • Increase the velocity of productivity and innovation quickly. 
  • Team climate is easy to change, whereas, organization culture is slow. 
  • Metrics and data increase attention by team members. If it gets measured, they attend to it. 
  • Helps team leaders understand the stage of development the team is in, so you can coach them.
  • Helps your team increase psychological safety and trust

How to get started: 

  1. Purchase a credit for a one-year subscription to Tilt365 Team Agility Predictor. 
  2. Invite the leader or sponsor of the team to complete the assessment of the team's climate. 
  3. Invite all of the team members in the group to weigh in on the team's climate.
  4. Invite key stakeholders to weigh in on the team's climate. 
  5. View the real-time results as they come in. 
  6. Once enough people have responded, you can begin discussing results with the team.
  7. Repeat as needed (e.g. every 3 months) to document change

**We recommend also hiring a Master Tilt Team Consultant or Coach to help you develop your team or group. 

USD 399.0000

True Tilt Profile Report Debrief

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This product allows you to select a Tilt Master Coach. Browse our certified Practitioners here:

Trust Our Worldwide Network Of Experts

We have a worldwide network of agility and executive coaches trained in the delivery of Tilt365 measures and concepts. We work virtually on all assignments except Executive Coaching which is a combination of in-person meetings and virtual sessions. Our coaches have all been vetted and have a combination of: In the trenches business experience, approved coaching education, professional credentials and are committed to the International Coach Federation Ethical Standards. In addition we have taken the time to get to know them and can assure you that they come with exceptional references and experience to support even your toughest development challenges. You can trust us to supervise the work and oversee every aspect of the process including coach selection, customer service, support to both client and coach, as well as assurance that the process is completed according to plan.


USD 350.0000

Tilt 365 Report Debrief

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USD 500.0000

Tilt Team Tools Certification

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Learn how to increase agility in teams and organizations using the Tilt Team Climate Profile and the Tilt365 Team Agility Predictor assessments for diagnosis. Many teams and organizations waste time on politics, ego-sensitivites and drama instead of teaching and reinforcing a more disciplined and selfless mindset required for the highly valued experience of "flow". Organizations that have low engagement in work are actually experiencing a plethora of ego-politics that may immulate "work" but do not actually produce work output in efficient ways. You know this is true when projects take months or years to complete, too many people and politics are involved, there is excessive focus on using "correct" processes and people are reluctant to engage in real talk because of previous reactions by people of status. While organizations like this may enjoy feeling important, in today's climate, it will not be sustainable or scalable in today's rapidly changing climate where faster companies with better ideas can leapfrog those bogged down by ego-politics. Faster teams that utilize technology to go to market can manifest innovative solutions much faster and generate exponentially higher velocity in getting products to market. 

The Exponential Metrics:

The combination of the two Tilt team diagnostics helps teams focus on productivity, real talk, rapid feedback and agility by strengthening team members from the inside-out, so they can interact in a more straightforward way that reduces drama and releases energy for exponential productivity. The two team assessments serve as diagnostic metrics and a scientifically validated framework for character strengths which increase internal strength in team members. The intrinsic ego-identity strength that results increases the experience of "flow" in each member of a team.  How? It helps them understand what drives ego-fragility and counterproductive ego-fear that reduces "flow".  It helps the team identify specific overused traits and stress reactions that steal energy from from work engagement so they can reduce specific culprits for a more agile team climate. 

The Tilt Team Metrics also saves time and money for teams and organizations because it uses the same model and conversational language as the individual development tools, but expands them to a systemic view. Most importantly, teams learn to purposefully shift together based on context for optimal performance. You’ll also gain access to a handful of Tilt-designed exercises for face-to-face and remote facilitation for team debriefs.

Note:  If you want to deliver Team workshops, we suggest you get team facilitation experts certified in our Train-the-Trainer offering, which enables you to deliver the three team workshops for building agility in teams and culture. 

Upcoming Course:


USD 699.0000

Tilt365 Laser Coaching Package

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Laser Coaching

Brief Coaching for One Specific Goal


This package is for people who have a specific developmental goal and are just getting started with the Tilt365 Positive Influence Predictor. This is perfect for individual contributors and mid-level managers who want to reach specific developmental goals. You will receive an initial debrief on your Tilt 365 PIP report, several coaching sessions, and a follow up to see how you are progressing. 

This package includes:

  • 90 Minute Virtual Report Debrief
  • 3 x 60 Minute Virtual Coaching Calls
  • 30 Minute coach check in after 3 months
  • Access to Tilt's online resources
    • Weekly challenge blog
    • Habit change process
    • Learner videos
    • and much more!


  • Increase self-awareness and behavior in one development goal identified by your leader or mentor.
  • Build self-awareness and learn how to re-wire old habits that may be limiting your full potential. 
  • Build internal character strength that enhances your internal presence and intrinsic confidence.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress produced by overwhelming circumstances and/or environment. 




Before purchasing this package you need to purchase a Tilt365 PIP assessment and choose a coach

Buy your Tilt365 PIP here.

View our Tilt Coaches here. (You willl need to login to see the coach list)

USD 2000.0000