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Overcoming Overwhelm: Building Resilience in Challenging Times

April 25, 2023 |
Overcoming Overwhelm: Building Resilience in Challenging Times

This weekend I noticed ants in my house. With the coming of spring have come more chores and responsibilities. Yet, as I am already so busy, the ever-growing list of tasks can easily become overwhelming.


Just as the changing of the seasons is inescapable, so are the new challenges that arise from change. Looking around my yard, now that the snow is gone, I can see piles of dead leaves, sticks, and other debris that need to be cleaned up. Flower beads need mulching and reseeding. The lawn needs to be mowed.


The key to not crumbling when responsibilities pile up and times get hard is by building resilience. Resilience is not being immune to stress and adversity but rather being able to adapt positively to challenging situations. In order to make it through all of life’s challenges–and stay balanced in both work and homelife–we must be able to process and respond to difficult situations in healthy and strengthening ways.


So, whether or not spring has sprung where you live, there is always the next season just around the corner. Times are always changing, and so there will always be new challenges. To remain diligent through life’s changes and challenges, we must build resilience, much like the resilience of the ants that keep coming back, season after season.



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