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Fresh personality assessments for high-performing teams

Join thousands of teams using our wicked fast personality and strengths assessments. Create a culture where top talent loves to work, drama makers quickly leave, and big personalities on your team understand each other for greater cohesion and less silos.


Why should team leaders care about character in business?

Developing character strengths has serious benefits in the workplace and beyond. Tilt's character science framework holds that developing balance in 12 specific character strengths provides the psychological safety that can enable 9 elements of team creativity and innovation. Strong character strengths are associated with better returns on assets, more engaged employees, and customers who are more satisfied and who demonstrate higher loyalty.

  • Common Team Language 
    • Our assessments use simple, relevant, and modern-day business language that applies to performance versus acronyms or obscure psychological terms that an expert has to explain. This helps team members all speak the same language so they can better understand themselves and others.

  • Responsibility & Accountability
    • Tilt shows people their preferred patterns of behavior but goes beyond that to how they can grow more well-rounded and agile in context.

  • Radical Honesty & Healthy Debate
    • When we are comfortable with change, our fears loom less overtly and we tend to be more receptive to altered circumstances. This lets individuals focus less on ego-based politics and more on straightforward communication.

  • Find The Right Role Fit

    Built to be Used, Understood, and Remembered: The Tilt framework links style patterns to a visual business model. Colorful visuals are used to enable people to remember things more readily and to see where their unique qualities and superskills fit into a team or role.

  • Rapid Alignment & Collaboration
    • When time isn’t wasted on conversations about peoples’ ego-fears, more time can be focused on what needs to happen quickly - in other words, real work.

  • Understanding Others
        • Learning the clues of the four most common personality behavior patterns (the four Tilts) allows you to see beneath the surface of others’ motivations. This, in turn, leads to mutual understanding and respect for differences.

    • Enhanced Productivity
        • Team leaders can expect greater productivity by saying no to the four toxic behaviors of blaming, fabricating, diminishing, and dominating.

    How does this all work?

    How do team leaders build a culture that attracts top-notch talent and at the same time repels the drama makers? 

    Our research and experience tells us that the answer is more simple than one might think:

    By building a culture where drama and dysfunctional behaviors are not tolerated and instead where people are educated about how to build and maintain healthy interactions.   

      We have observed that people who unwittingly create drama are working to satisfy four specific ego-fears in a manner that ultimately manipulates others (i.e., they are seeking approval, power, status, and/or attention), and these people often Tilt the culture out of balance in the process. 

      When people feel respected and heard, something about the way they interact changes;it helps everyone feel confident that their unique strengths are valued. Tilt’s assessments and services use this fact to work to increase the number of agile people on the team and to unlock further positive shifts in the team culture. 

      We help teams educate themselves about how to stop drama in its tracks so people who employ fear-provoking tactics don’t work. Such people tend to leave quickly when faced with a culture of strong integrity. For those who are willing to learn how to improve, our tools are designed to help them grow quickly too.  


      Strengths based personality assessments

      True Tilt Personality Profile
      $49 / user

      A wicked fast personal strengths assessment with modern, relevant language to discover your most natural character strengths. The Tilt visual framework makes it easy to remember and apply.

      • Strengths Based Personality Assessment
      • Actionable Development Plan
      •  Retakes When You Change
      •  E-Learning Module (Upgrade)
      Positive Influence Predictor
      $199 / user 

      Annual subscription. Gather ongoing feedback on how well you use 12 key character strengths. This character-based strengths assessment tool gives you the feedback to be more agile and generative. 

      •  Personal Strengths Assessment
      •  Repeatable 360 Feedback 
      • Grow Your Character Strengths 
      • Uncover Blind Spots and Hidden Strengths

      Most Popular!

      Team Agility Predictor

      $399 / team 

      Annual subscription. A team assessment that gives a wholistic measure that tells you how your team is performing on 12 core character strengths. Understanding where your team is now and how it can improve is the first step toward generatively. 

      • Team Strengths Assessment
      • Repeatable 360 Team Feedback
      •  Improve Generatively Through Character Strengths
      •  Measure Team Culture

      Team Development Packages

      Do-It-Yourself Starter Package
      $99 / month

      Kickstart your team development with a do-it-yourself package. Includes our personality and team assessments, Team Climate Report, Team Agility Predictor, E-Learnings to help your team understand reports, and additional online learning.

      Pricing for annual subscription up to 12 team members.

      • True Tilt Personality Profiles
      • Team Agility Predictor
      • Team Climate Profile
      • Assessment E-Learn Modules
      • Tilt Foundations online course
      • The Four Tilts online course
      • Individual and Team Dashboards
      LET'S TALK
      Team Leader Coaching Package
      $699 / month

      Take your development to the next level with a certified Tilt Practitioner working with you in monthly coaching sessions. Learn how to give your team support and create a great place to work, and watch them move at rocket speed. 

      Pricing for annual subscription up to 12 team members.

      • Monthly Coaching Sessions (60 Minutes) for Team Leader
      • PLUS everything in Starter Package!
        • True Tilt Personality Profiles
        • Team Agility Predictor
        • Team Climate Profile
        • Assessment E-Learn Modules
        • Tilt Foundations online course
        • The Four Tilts online course
        • Individual and Team Dashboards
      Team Development Package
      $999 / month 

      Accelerate your team development with our certified Tilt Practitioner working with you AND your team monthly. Gain new feedback from your team and work through monthly team coaching calls to create a high performing team.

      Pricing for annual subscription up to 12 team members.

      • Monthly Coaching Sessions (90 Minutes) for Team Leader and Team Development
      • Team Leader Positive Influence Predictor 
      • Positive Influence Predictor Debrief
      •  Additional Assessment E-Learn Module
      • PLUS everything in Starter Package!
      • Team Agility Predictor
      • Team Climate Profile
      • E-Learn Modules
      • Tilt Foundations online course
      • The Four Tilts online course
      • Individual and Team Dashboards

      Using Tilt to develop character strengths

      You may have already done team-building offsites with MBTI, DiSC, and other assessments that put people into the box of "type". That may have worked for yesterday's teams, but today's teams should strive to evolve to the next level and understand themselves more fluidly and contextually while shifting behaviors as the situation requires. Our strengths assessments and body of work help make these goals attainable. Over the years, we have observed that Tilt's workshops and team agility labs help people learn to Tilt to context with ease and grace in a way that accelerates innovation and generativity.

      This is a modern, strengths-based personality assessment based on neuroscience and character science.  It provides deep, personalized insights in addition to suggestions for your personal growth. It also helps you understand not only what you do, but why you do it. TTP results are reported in a memorable visual framework– you can get started in as little as 5 minutes.

      Don’t let stress control you. Learn how to anticipate and control your stress response/stress reaction. Each True Tilt has a characteristic stress response. By understanding your stressors and how you might react, you can learn to control your response. Learning how to use your strengths can help make you happier and less reactive to stress. When you know your strengths, you can find creative ways to use them in a variety of situations.

      The Team Climate Profile is a composite report that helps you understand your team's personality patterns and how they change under stress.  This, in turn, helps you identify and minimize ego-drama while increasing innovation. The report updates in real-time as members are added or removed.

      A team assessment that gives a wholistic measure that tells you how your team is performing on 12 core character strengths. Understanding where your team is now and how it can improve is the first step toward generativity.

      Drive agility in your team by supporting team growth with a certified laser coach. We have observed that laser-focused coaching is exceedingly successful due to breakthrough results that often occur when coaches stay out of the story and coach the person’s mindset (and thinking) as opposed to solving the problem for them.


      Join other high-performing teams already using Tilt

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      Please email us at if you need help accessing (or have any questions), and our team will get back to you shortly!

      The short answer is no. We do not recommend using Tilt for hiring as our assessments are developmental tools as opposed to being selection tools. The overall intention is for participants to learn about their natural preferences, learn how they are showing up as an individual and as a part of a team, and ultimately to be able to develop agility via all four of the Tilt patterns.

      There are many terms for strengths assessment tools: personality strengths test, personal strengths quiz, or character strengths test - but be careful since not every personal strengths test is created equal. This blog dives into information on how to best take a personality strengths test, but the question itself may be guiding you in the wrong direction. Most personality strengths tests and character strengths tests are actually better described as “assessments.” The main purpose of a “test” is to evaluate knowledge or skills, so some answers are “correct” and some are “incorrect.” The goal of assessments is to describe characteristics that can’t be measured directly, like loyalty or freedom. For personality-based strengths assessments or character assessments, the goal is to provide the most accurate description of the person taking it. This means that the only “right” answers are the answers that truly reflect who you are.

      We subject our assessments — and, as a result, the TILT 365 model itself — to scientific scrutiny on an ongoing basis. To read more about the results of this psychometric and validation research, you can request our technical reports here here. Further, our research indicates that using Tilt to develop ourselves and our teams can lead to positive changes such as creating a climate for creativity and innovation.

      A coach is not required but may be very helpful. The report is designed so that you can read it, receive insights, and decide on a development path for yourself. The value of engaging a True Tilt Personality Profile Certified Practitioner, or coach, is that they can help you develop yourself and get results more quickly than you might on your own. This is because they have been trained in the Tilt model framework and its implications in addition to having achieved coaching certification through their national and international professional organizations. Visit our practitioners directory today to get connected with a coach that will best suit your needs.

      • Most personality assessments are not reported on a holistic framework, so they don’t show you where your individual patterns are most useful in the full picture. For example, if you learn that your True Tilt is "Clarity," you see where that fits in the whole and where you may fall short if you don't develop holistically.
      • Many personality assessments don’t provide memorable results, and what you can't remember, you won't be likely to apply. Yes, people are more complex than four patterns, but most business leaders don't have time to learn numerous letter combinations and types that are not linked to a business framework. The Tilt patterns are easy to remember because they clearly describe the associated behavioral patterns. For example, "Connection" Tilts enjoy making and maintaining social connections. Tilt addresses the additional complexity of humans through the Tilt Unique Amplifier, which is unique to each individual.
      • Most personality tools assume that your behavior will not change, so they don't give you the option to take a follow up assessment to see how you've developed yourself over time. Tilt 365 also offers the Positive Influence Predictor, a 360-feedback assessment which gives you instant, continuous feedback from other individuals on how well you have developed the same character strengths measured by the True Tilt Personality assessment.
      • To take a deeper dive, visit our two blogs on why we built a better personality assessment for agile teams, and the slightly brighter truth behind personality assessments. You can also skip right to finding your strengths in as little as 5 minutes by taking the True Tilt Personality Profile assessment.

      Please click here to learn more about getting certified in our suite of assessment tools.

      Yes, you can click here to view our book on Amazon featuring our founder, Pam Boney.