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A self assessment to discover natural character strengths and development path
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True Tilt Personality Profile Assessment 

Natural tendencies in personality. 

Science has shown that people are too complex to just be labeled a type. If you have taken any other personality test, then you probably thought, "This is just like me! Sometimes." We recognize that people adapt to their situations so the True Tilt Profile is designed to help you discover your natural tendencies and how they can look at different times. The report provides deep, personalized, actionable insights to help you understand, appreciate, and strengthen your true self from the inside out.

Are you a Cross Pollinator, Master Mind, Change Catalyst, or Quiet Genius?

The True Tilt Personality Profile is a quick self-assessment that indicates your most natural personality and work style tendencies. It goes much further than other personality and style assessments in some important ways:

  • Articulates not only what you do (patterns) but why you do it (motives).
  • Results are reported on a holistic, validated visual framework that is memorable. 
  • Shows your pattern in comparison to other patterns to help you communicate with other people.
  • Describes that you are not one "type" but instead adapt (or Tilt) to fit the situation.
  • Gives you the tools you need to effectively use your strengths in different situations.

Why does it matter?

So what's in it for you? The information you need to transform your life with increased productivity, well-being, and happiness. With the True Tilt Personality Profile, you learn not only about your character strengths, but also why you work best with certain people and perhaps not so well with others. Your report will also indicate negative ways you respond to stress and how you can prevent those detrimental behaviors. Understanding your natural strengths and specific path of development will help you become more self-aware, productive and creative. 

How to Get Started

We created the True Tilt Personality Profile to help individuals throughout organizations quickly rise above the inefficiency, destructive leadership, drama, politics, lack of accountability, scapegoating, and other annoyances present in many workplaces by using their preferred strengths more effectively. 

  1. Purchase a credit for the True Tilt Personality Profile. 
  2. Take the quick self-assessment and read your snapshot of results on your device.
  3. Dig deeper by clicking into the Full Report that contains over 20 pages of content all about you. 
  4. Build a development plan for evolving yourself over time.
  5. Watch your life and work outcomes begin to change. 

Tilt 365 named Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation Companies for 2017 , 2018 by Training Industry.


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