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Team Climate Profile is a compilation report that is made possible after all members of a group or team complete their own individual True Tilt Personality Profiles. It explains the resulting climate predicted by the dominant personality patterns in any group as well as how team dynamics will shift under stress.
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Team Climate Profile

The Tilt of members of a group or team collectively shape the team climate. The Team Climate Profile is useful for predicting how a team may behave in terms of collective top character strengths, as well as how they will behave under stress. The report provides a compilation of the True Tilt Patterns of a group of individuals and how these patterns will shape the team's interactions. It is useful for improving the climate of a wide variety of teams: intact teams, cross-functional teams, self-managing teams, learning cohorts, and special project teams. 

In addition to improving individual teams, the Team Climate Profile can act as a catalyst for organizational change. Organizational culture is hard to change, but changing the climate of important teams can ignite an organizational shift. Team Climate can change rapidly with the right mindset and common language that people can remember. Have "key influencer" teams within your organization adopt this tool and witness the culture shift that unfolds.

Why choose this tool?

  • Visual & memorable
  • Team Climate Profile is the starting point for team culture change that creates the opportunity for rapid innovation.
  • Create awareness of and appreciation for the character traits and strengths of your colleagues.
  • Recognize what happens to your colleagues (and to you!) when you’re under stress. Purposefully shift as a team based on context.
  • Create conditions for success and innovation for your team, your leaders,and even your entire organization.

Scalable Reporting:

The Tilt Team Climate Profile is built on top of the True Tilt Personality Profile, meaning your team members only need to take one assessment. The same person can be on many Team Climate Reports, and teams can quickly update the report with the most current members without anyone needing to take additional assessments! This gives you the option to quickly analyze the Team Climate Profile of your entire organization, team-by-team or function-by-function, so you can understand where your Master Minds, Quiet Geniuses, Change Catalysts, and Cross Pollinators reside in your organization.

How to get started:

  1. Purchase enough True Tilt Personality Profile Individual assessments ($49/each) for every member of the team, and purchase the Tilt Team Climate Profile ($99). 
  2. Once underway, go to your Tilt assessments dashboard and click on the icon for your Tilt Team Climate Profile Report which will continuously update as members complete their individual True Tilt assessments. 
  3. Read and analyze the results of your report and have a dialogue to discuss the implications with the team

**For the best results: get certified in the tool, hire a certified Tilt expert to help you, or hire Tilt to do a workshop for your team! 

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