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Tilt Team Agility Predictor Cert (In-Person Immersive)

sku Product SKU:  134-inperson

Get certified in tool that allows you to easily identify and guide teams in understanding  the balance of polarities necessary for ongoing team agility and getting back into flow. Uncover the unconscious habits among team members and between teams and their leaders that may be keeping the team from reaching its true potential. And finally, learn how to develop a customized plan to keep the team focused on what to start, stop, and keep doing for high-performance and agility. On-line test afterward.

Why it’s important to you:

Agility is a top priority for team leaders and top executives because it enables their organizations to compete effectively in this era of constant digital disruption. Agile teams can adapt to current trends, business needs, and complex dynamics while accelerating productivity, creativity, and innovation. Agile team climates also improve resilience and employee morale, which are key to retaining talent. 

How it will help you:

After you have completed the Team Agility Predictor certification, you should be able to help teams:

  • Identify their current assumptions and why they work the way they do
  • Use selected Tilt patterns of team Agility to develop more effective and productive ways of working together toward goals
  • Quickly coach themselves, as a team, back to Agility and flow
  • Build a plan for their development opportunities

What you get:

  • Free Team Climate Profile report and Team Agility Predictor assessment ($498 value)
  • Digital credential for Team Agility Predictor Certification 
  • ICF CE Units - 17 Total (11 Core Competency & 6 Resource Development)
  • Tilt 365 Practitioner Network - ongoing access to Tilt 365 resources and updates
  • Immersive class room experience with the Tilt Presence for Team Agility Workshop content

* This is an in-person / Immersive course.  We offer an alternative Live/Virtual  (See here)

USD 1199.0000

Tilt 365 Laser Coaching Package

sku Product SKU:  19

Laser Coaching

Brief Coaching for One Specific Goal


This package is for people who have a specific developmental goal and are just getting started with the Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor. This is perfect for individual contributors and mid-level managers who want to reach specific developmental goals. You will receive an initial debrief on your Tilt 365 PIP report, several coaching sessions, and a follow up to see how you are progressing. 

This package includes:

  • 90 Minute Virtual Report Debrief
  • 3 x 60 Minute Virtual Coaching Calls
  • 30 Minute coach check in after 3 months
  • Access to Tilt's online resources
    • Weekly challenge blog
    • Habit change process
    • Learner videos
    • and much more!


  • Increase self-awareness and behavior in one development goal identified by your leader or mentor.
  • Build self-awareness and learn how to re-wire old habits that may be limiting your full potential. 
  • Build internal character strength that enhances your internal presence and intrinsic confidence.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress produced by overwhelming circumstances and/or environment. 




Before purchasing this package you need to purchase a Tilt 365 PIP assessment and choose a coach

Buy your Tilt 365 PIP here.

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USD 2000.0000