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The Inner Critic

The Inner Critic

My inner critic has been dogging my every step lately. He loves to show up at the worst possible moments, he stays too long and never shuts up. I try my best to ignore him but he’s very persistent, usually waiting until I’m at my most vulnerable. Some nights he doesn’t let me sleep, others nights he prefers to wake me up around 4:00 am and unload all his problems. I can’t stand him but he doesn’t seem to be able to take a hint. I’ve tried to ditch him on more than one occasion but he always seems to know where to find me.

Meet the inner critic.

In case your not familiar with the inner critic, it’s that little voice inside your head that tells you all those awful things, second guesses your decisions and likes to make life miserable whenever possible. The inner critic is self-doubt, guilt, uncertainty, worry, anxiety and everything else we try so hard not to feel. The inner critic is a pretty sneaky character too who is determined to be heard. The harder you resist the more the inner critic pushes back. As much as we’d like to be rid of our inner critic the results of not having an one would be far worse. Although the messages the critic delivers may feel harsh and unkind they are there for a reason. Without them, we would quickly ruin every relationship we have eventually becoming narcissistic, egocentric, sociopaths, with no moral compass, no compassion, and no empathy. Without our inner critic, we would eventually find ourselves completely alone and ostracized. The inner critic, as loathsome as he is, does serve a purpose, often unpleasant but one just the same. To find peace with our inner critic we must do our best to gain some mastery and balance over it so we do not become totally consumed by its negativity.

Why you should you listen to you inner critic.

I hate the things my inner critic tells me but I know if you try to push them away for too long, eventually you will have a battle on your hands. I also know that you can tamp down the urgency and severity of those messages when you’re feeling healthy in your body and in your mind. Part of that process involves developing and maintaining good habits.

I’ve learned the things I need to do to feel and stay healthy so I try my best to prioritize them. Prioritizing the things you need to stay healthy is not selfish, it actually gives you better shot at calming your inner critic. It takes work but if you let it slide your inner critic will happily pick up the slack. That’s all the motivation I need. So, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to run a couple of miles in the freezing cold arctic tundra that’s replaced anything sane we once knew as winter here in Raleigh North Carolina.