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Delusion or reality. Your choice today.

Delusion or reality. Your choice today.

Being alert to the current reality requires training the brain to focus on what you notice in the current moment. What’s so hard about that? The ego likes to employ a strategy to get your mind thinking about the past and the future. Some of us tend to Tilt toward the past, fretting about what could have been and others focus on what might happen in the future. While there is some value in imagining the future, even that is something that can keep you out of the present if you’re spending too much time there. 

The value of focusing in this moment, right now, and in the current reality is the practical nature of noticing that our choices happen today. Fretting about yesterday’s choices can’t change them. And fretting about future choices is often fruitless because the world is bound to change between now and then. Both are activities that postpone making a choice right now. For this reason, being alert to reality means noticing what is, tuning into the next important thing you can do that will lead to positive results, and taking actions today. 

That’s the difference between those who live in a delusional bubble of what was or could be and those who are exceptionally prolific and accomplish their life’s purpose. 

What will you do today to make one small step toward a future you envision but more importantly adds richness to your life today?