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Please help our friends in the Abacos

Please help our friends in the Abacos

The Tilt team has a very special relationship with the Abacos islands since we’ve actually sailed there for the winter twice and vacationed there so many times that we call it a second home. While we waited for news from our friends there the last few days, our hearts were breaking for the people of these gorgeous islands who have lost so much. Thankfully through Facebook and Instagram, we now know that relief efforts and evacuations have already begun and many of our friends made it through safely. Yet all of them are fearlessly waiting for news of friends across the islands. The stories are harrowing, but help is on the way and people are pulling together like a family to begin the process of recovery. 

Today, we all know Dorian is also headed to our home on the coast of NC in Beaufort, such a short time after the devastation we sustained by Florence last year. But we’re keeping our fears in perspective as we know what happened in the Bahamas is far worse. 

We did research today to figure out how we can help and are making both personal and corporate donations to relief funds that are already down there bringing quick relief now. We know that if every one of us spreads the word and makes even a small donation it can make a big difference, so we want to encourage all of our awesome network of friends and colleagues to consider making a donation today.  

Our favorite groups that are already making a difference:

CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort)   100% donations used for the effort

Direct Relief   Supplying medical relief and first aid.  

Coast Guard  The brave heroes who take risks to save lives. 

The best list we found of credible organizations was published by NY Times. 


Please Help our friends in the Abacos today!