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How are you showing up?

How are you showing up?

 We all want to show up for the people we care about but how are we showing up when we do? Are we really our best selves or could we take a deeper look? The world is a demanding place and it's easy to let life get the better of us. We often sacrifice our own well being for those around us. On the surface that seems like a noble thing but is it? What happens when we sacrifice the better part of ourselves and can't show up in a way we would like? This is where honesty comes in. When we are honest with ourselves we can begin to recognize that self-care is as important as caring for others.

When we are stressed, run down and full of anxiety it is difficult to be fully present. We may think that our sacrifices are benefiting those we care for but how we show up matters. Anyone who has been on the receiving end understands that it is much more welcoming to be around someone who is happy, joyful and full of life than someone who shows up stressed anxious and impatient. When we let self-care slide it affects not only us but those around us. That is why we must be honest with ourselves when it comes to understanding what we need and how we feel. That means finding time in our lives for our selves but unfortunately, that's not always as easy as it sounds. Self-care is often viewed in a dim light by those who don't understand it's importance... It is too self-indulgent, too selfish or unnecessary. If we pay attention to those thoughts we can arrive at feelings of guilt or shame when we finally do take time to care for ourselves to rest or de-stress.

Finding balance in our lives requires us to be honest about our needs. What causes us stress? What do we need to do to relieve or avoid that stress in the first place? What can we do to make sure those needs are met before we attempt to care for others. How you feel inside is a reflection of what you project outside. If you are feeling stressed or anxious guess what you are projecting? Taking a hard look at how you show up is the first step, being proactive about taking the time and making the effort to follow through is how we arrive at our better selves. How are you showing up? What can you do to show up as your better self?