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How much is enough?

How much is enough?

Be thankful for what you have. Every parent’s mantra, right? But there is a lot of wisdom in those words. Contrary to what we are lead to believe happiness is not measured by the accumulation of more stuff. If you only had, fill in the blank, then you could finally be happy. If only my life looked like what's on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter then I could be happy. If only, if only but if you really think about it once we have met the basic standards of living more stuff is just more stuff. 

We live in a consumer based economy so the message we receive on a daily is, the more we consume the happier we should be, but where has all this consumerism lead us? Our oceans are choked with plastic our landfills are overflowing and our waste is contaminating our air and water supply and still, we want more. We're told everything is fine, don't worry, or that it's all a big hoax, keep doing what you're doing and things will work out. So we go on our merry way wanting more and more but when we get it, more stuff, somehow nothing really changes all that much and so the cycle continues. 

What if happiness isn’t about how fast you go, how big your house or whether or not your lawn mower is bigger than your neighbors? What if the answer is closer to what your parents told you when you were young? What if we appreciated the things we had more and slowed down on the things we think we need. If you’re searching for happiness the answer needs to come from within because no amount of stuff can be a substitute for building better relationships, feeling loved or finding peace of mind. Work on those things and you will begin to discover that stuff is just stuff.