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How to dodge an asteroid.
How to dodge an asteroid.

What chance would we stand against a giant asteroid crashing into earth? Not much I'm afraid. The impact would be devastating. When we talk about being discerning we are talking about fine-tuning decisions. This may not seem like a big deal but over time it can make a huge difference. I was watching a documentary on asteroids and meteors the other day. They were talking about the possibility of one colliding with earth. The common argument was, well if it ever happened we could just wait until it was within range and blow it up with nuclear missiles. Turns out that’s a terrible idea for many reasons. Range, fallout, coordinating a strike with enough force to reduce the mass into small enough pieces etc. 

Scientists had a better plan in mind. They thought that if the could meet it far enough away they could alter the path with much less required force. By redirecting the trajectory just enough it would sail harmlessly by without a problem. Just a few degrees at a far enough distance makes a massive difference. The further away they could meet it to redirect its path the less force it would require. Just the way small changes practiced regularly over time can have life-altering effects. Have you been putting off making a change? What small change could you make today that practiced over time would have massive positive effects on your future? 

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