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How Being Objective Can Improve Creativity

How Being Objective Can Improve Creativity

Creativity is generally a leap of faith mostly because there is no one proven path to success, especially when it comes to creativity in the business world. The ability to make bold decisions, yet remain objective can be challenging. Lean too far in one direction and you wind up being overly protective or simply feeding your ego, lean too far in the other and you become malleable or paralyzed by indecision. So how do you find the right balance? How do you find the path to success? 

The path to success starts with objectivity

Identifying which side of the spectrum you tend to lean toward most often is the key. 

When you are faced with constructive criticism do you?

A) Have tendency to back away and surrender, compromising your integrity 

B) Dig your heels in dismissively, become overly protective and fear compromise as a sign of weakness? 

Sometimes it’s difficult to remain objective when you are in the moment. If this is the case, step back and look at past projects you’ve been involved with. How did you react? What was your default? Gather more information by talking with the members of your team about current and past performances. Here’s the catch, sometimes the journey to self discovery can be a bit  painful. Try to remain objective through the process and do not take it personally. Remember before you can make improvements you have to have the facts.

Small changes 

Once you have made your assessment you can begin to correct your course. This is when having a good coach or mentor can really come in handy. Being objective does not mean giving up complete creative control. It simply means you are willing to accept criticism without encountering a bruised ego. It also means being open to the idea that there may be room for improvement. And while it is important to be able to accept criticism it just as important to make bold decisions with confidence. If and when you find yourself slipping into old familiar pattens consult your coach or mentor, find ways to stay objective and remind yourself what your desired out come is. Above all be kind to yourself throughout the process. As you chart your path toward a more successful creative career keep in mind that small changes now will lead the way to bigger changes down the road.