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Feedback is Oxygen
Feedback is Oxygen

We are social beings that learn by interacting and test ourselves every day by doing something, then seeing what happens in response. It’s human and it happens every day, all day. We say something…we get a reaction. We do something…an outcome unfolds. It’s natural and constant. And it’s the reason we are so resilient. It happens so naturally that it’s automatically integrated when it happens a little at a time. Feedback is not something that happens once or twice in your career with a 360. It is continuous learning in real time. Being conscious means being alert to it, so we learn from it.

What we don’t need is feedback that comes at us like a firehose all at once, from everyone we know. We need for it to come a little at a time. And we need it in context so we can understand each incident individually. The nuances, the variables, the immediate response. Our brain is a fine-tuned machine that takes in thousands of small pieces of information, in every encounter, in order to make meaning out of our experiences. So let’s treat ourselves kindly and learn that feedback is truly a gift when it happens in real time. With you in control of how much you can handle at any given time.

Pam Boney, Founder tilt365.com

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