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Getting to simplicity.
Getting to simplicity.

Who doesn’t appreciate it when something is so easy to use that it doesn’t require instructions? When things are easy and simple there is definitely something beautiful about it.

What it requires to achieve this bliss- is not so simple. In fact, quite the opposite. Every simple tool is usually backed by years of careful thought, research, trial and error and a whole lot of character by its inventor. As the inventor you will be the one who never gives up and may feel alone in that.

My own experience of finally arriving at simplicity came with more than two decades of research, years of graduate school, a team of people and my own painful lessons learned along the way. Now people actually question how it is possible that we’ve made our assessment to simple and are able to crank out so much detailed and thorough output with such a simple user experience. If they only knew the blood, sweat and tears that went into everything about it. What we know — most creative endeavors begin with years of immersion before great insights occur. The idea happens at the middle. Between immersion in one’s domain and the long laborious task of elaboration after the idea is born.

Lesson? If you want to build or produce something simple and beautiful, examine your commitment first because the tenacity and grit it will require are the qualities that make things great. Nothing great happens overnight.

Pam Boney, Founder at tilt365.com