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Star Gazing Gets You Out of Your Head
Star Gazing Gets You Out of Your Head

Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I go outside and look up into the vast sky to connect me to the wonders of the universe. Something about the warm breeze of the ocean combined with a star-speckled black sky is just the right thing for a busy mind. It reminds me that we are a small part of something grande and amazing. It takes me out of my worries, out of my small thinking…to imagine the possibilities again.

I recently read an article in Psychology Today about how the experience of “awe” is healing to the soul and that being in nature reminds us of how to be happy and content. It soothes our anxiety in tangible ways and improves the body’s natural healing processes. No wonder we love to be on the water, gaze at a beautiful landscape or indulge with a long hike in the woods. We are part of a world that is magnificent and full of splendor that makes us self-forgetting. It reminds us that we are not the center of the universe and our worries are just a moment in time. “This too shall pass….”

So, next time you get worried or anxious, get out of your head and make haste for the woods or some other awe-inspiring natural wonder. Then count your blessings instead.

Connection Tilters tend to imagine & dream. Structure Tilters tend to be skeptical & practical.