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How Resourceful Are You?

How Resourceful Are You?

Do you remember the TV show MacGyver from the eighties/early nineties? The protagonist was a secret agent with a penchant for getting out of tight spots by using applied science and everyday objects in imaginative ways. To me, MacGyver is the perfect example of someone who is resourceful.

The thing about being resourceful is that it’s resource limitations that lead to resourcefulness. Being resourceful, in a nutshell, is creative problem-solving… which requires a problem to solve. Not enough money in the budget? Then be resourceful in figuring out how to meet your goals anyway. Need to pull off a big event in two days? Then you better be resourceful (and maybe a little sleep-deprived) to make that happen! Being resourceful requires creativity, logic and openness — to see problems and resources in a new light.

This week’s Challenge: This week, I will brainstorm ways to achieve my goals despite obstacles in my way.

Avoiding being Mischievous (overuse): When someone overuses being resourceful, they start to solve problems by being sneaky or underhanded. It’s good to think creatively when overcoming obstacles, but it goes too far when you Tilt too far and become opportunistic in a way that harms someone.

Commendable Trait: Resourceful
Underused: Dependent
Overused: Mischievous
Strength: Creativity
Quadrant: Resilience

“It’s not resources but resourcefulness that ultimately makes the difference.”
- Tony Robbins

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