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Meditation and the busy mind.

Meditation and the busy mind.

I try, and I’m emphasizing the word try, to meditate every day. If you’ve read my posts you probably already know I meditate because I have a busy mind. It loves to tell me stories. When it’s time to quiet down, it likes to remind me of all the things I have to do, haven’t done, will do, might do, could happen, have happened, are happening, are a possibility, a probability, a problem, are a nightmare, are catching fire, are ON fire, ARE ON FIRE!!!!! You get the idea. Anyhow I try and meditate every day. Some days my mind is quiet and the meditation flows like water, other days (like today) I might as well be flicking matches into an open container of gasoline.

The Struggle

I’ve been trying desperately to find ways to quiet my mind all morning but my mind has other plans. Anyone who has ever practiced meditation knows if you are, “desperately trying” to meditate it’s probably going to wind up in frustration. It’s like desperately trying to relax or desperately trying to scratch an angry cat’s belly. The harder you try, the more resistance you meet, the more resistance you meet, the harder you try. It’s a vicious circle.


When the mind wants to be busy, let it be busy. Only when you are able to let go of the resistance can you begin to focus your mind and quiet your thoughts. Here’s the part where I’ll bet you’re thinking I’m going to give lay some profound sage wisdom on you, something you can use the next time you’re feeling completely overwhelmed. I’m not, because sometimes there just isn’t anything to do, not everything needs to be fixed. Some days are just like this and on those days I usually just forget the whole thing, grab a pair of headphones and go out for a run.


You win this time busy mind but we’ll meet again… in three miles.