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Five Ways to Amp Up Your Enthusiasm.

Five Ways to Amp Up Your Enthusiasm.

You know you need to. Enthusiasm is the fuel of creativity and your team needs you to lead the way on this crucial aspect to team motivation. It’s easy to get tired at the top. Responsibility is a lot to carry, even on the broadest shoulders. I found my own enthusiasm waning a few weeks ago as a result of being tired. There’s been a lot to drain my energy this year, no doubt, but it is still my job to be the lead motivator for my great team. So, I did what I’ve learned how to do. Tune into myself and assess what needs some juice. 

Head, Heart, Gut or Spirit? 

Step 1:  GUT. Tune into your physical self. The first culprit for me is almost always that I am working too many hours and not getting enough sleep or exercise. Our gut instincts are almost always off if we’re not taking care of our physical needs. I’d been taking care of a family member’s needs a lot this summer and it took its toll on me. I am religious about exercise and due to having personal pressures on top of work had done me in a bit in this category. Routines are so important when it comes to Body/Gut tune-ups. The first thing I had to do is prioritize getting that hour of spin, core barre or yoga at least 4-5 times a week. Plus walking. As soon as I started getting back in the groove, I started feeling my energy levels come up. Next was sleep. We have a new puppy and for the first month, it’s been grueling getting used to interrupted sleep. But parents everywhere have to do this, and I knew I only had to power through a few months and count my blessings that puppies grow up a LOT faster than human kids do. But to give myself a little self-care I decided to give myself a treat. Several times during the day I stopped work, put my headset on and took a little power nap by listening to a sleep meditation app. It’s amazing how much feeding our brain a little oxygen can make a difference. 


Step 2: HEART. Tune into yourself for a little compassion. The second thing I did was remove myself from activities that were not feeding my heart. I declined some less than necessary meetings, letting others take charge. I looked at my calendar to see what I could postpone or decline for later so I could take some quiet time for myself for the rest of the month. And then I made some time for the people I love on the weekend. There’s nothing like being with people you care about when you need to re-charge and focus on some positive things like the holidays coming up soon. I hadn’t seen my sister in a while so I invited her to come for the weekend and we took the puppy over to the assisted living where my mom lives and visited there. I also reached out to some friends I hadn’t talked with in a while and caught up. And I guess most importantly, I gave myself permission to be human and showed some compassion to myself for being a very busy person that also has a life outside of work. Feeding the heart warms us up all over. 


Step 3: HEAD/MIND. Tune into your mind and give it new knowledge. The third thing I did was to decide to feed my mind with some new information every day for an hour. And I saved one whole day for research and reading alone. My work requires a great deal of collaboration, I lead a busy small business and I also coach executives, so I am essentially ON all day and have to change gears fast from call to call. What I yearned for was some quiet time all to myself where I could just be still inside myself and see where my thoughts wanted to explore. It felt luxurious and irresponsible to cancel everything and just claim that time for myself, but it’s done wonders for my thoughts. I had things I wanted to explore. Questions I wanted to answer for myself. Solutions to the madness that has felt like being pelted daily with incoming information and requests. I needed some new mental models to help me manage the way I think about my work for next year. And I struck gold. Anxiety shifted into excitement about new ways of thinking and new ways to manage the outside world. (I will write about that in 2020). 

Tune in next week to learn about the fourth and final steps!