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How Adventurous Are You?

How Adventurous Are You?

I see a lot of similarity between the character traits Adventurous (in the Courage quadrant of the Tilt model) and Openness (in the Resilience quadrant) — the difference to me is that Adventurous is open to new action, while Openness is open to new ideas.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines adventurous as “willing to try new or difficult things.” It doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking, either — sure, climbing to a mountain peak or traveling to a foreign country is adventurous, but so is trying a new food, saying “yes” to an invitation for a new experience, or even taking a new route to work. As long as you are taking these actions mindfully and with a sense of curiosity, you are being adventurous! So… what new experiences can you say “yes” to this week?

This week’s Challenge: This week, I will try something new every day, and I will be present with the experience!

Avoiding being Destructive (overuse): Of course, doing something just because it is new does not mean it is wise. Rejecting the status quo for the sole sake of doing something new can be wasteful or even harmful. Be sure to balance your desire to be bold with consideration for the impact your actions have on others — in doing so, you will maximize your positive influence.

The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is attitude.
-Bob Bitchin

Commendable Trait: Adventurous
Underused: Cautious
Overused: Destructive
Strength: Boldness
Quadrant: Courage