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Lining up with reality.

A fresh perspective sometimes means letting go of a comfortable or preferred delusion and lining up with reality. What’s actually neurotic is to keep wishing things were different and repeatedly trying to get something or someone you don’t control to change to suit you. What is healthy is lining up with reality and deciding what you do control (you), then act on that. 

We’re all a bit nuts in our habit of clinging to what’s pleasant and avoiding what’s unpleasant. The human capacity for delusion is a blessing in many ways because it helps us handle the common experience of pain and hurts of life, making them manageable. In this way, delusion helps us to pick ourselves back up and find the hope that makes us resilient even in the worst of situations. But every now and then we get a glimpse of reality that arises because of exposure to some new perspective introduced to us by someone or something that hits us like a ton of bricks. Like today, I had a new realization arise. I noticed that for years I have tended to focus on driving top line revenue and leave digging into the details of our expense management to another person on our team. For some reason, I had some new clarity that I should increase my diligence in these details. Strangely, I’ve been quite happy to trust that everything will work out if the top line keeps growing and we stay in the black on the bottom. But that’s just not good enough. Suddenly it became crystal clear that this big picture logic is not serving me. The belief that my job is only about growing the top line is simply a convenient delusion for avoiding a hard task that takes an investment of time. I’ve learned to pay attention to cues like this. 

When a new mental clarity arises and brings us closer to reality, it’s an invitation to choose greater mental health and we are very wise to pay attention. Sometimes the universe likes to test us before inviting us to another level of success because it will require a higher level of responsibility from us. Maybe the universe knows something we don’t yet. Maybe it wants to test us and see if we’re up to the task before it rewards us with more. If we pay attention, take action and pass the test, the prosperity comes. If we ignore it and change nothing – well, nothing changes.

The first month of the year is always a great time to notice what’s arising inside us. What new opportunity is knocking on our door? Will we let the moment pass until the stark reality of our avoidance shows itself in our results again for another year? Or challenge the old logics that were cleverly designed to keep us at status quo?