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The 3 Ps for Great Moments in Public Speaking or sharing your message.

The 3 Ps for Great Moments in Public Speaking or sharing your message.

Why everyone has a message for the world.

There are some very good reasons to learn how to be effective at public speaking. Every person on this planet has a very unique set of interests that come together in one very unique way and enable them to have insights that no other person could have. Not even an identical twin. For this reason, we all have something important to share with the rest of the world and it is our responsibility to find ways to get those messages out. No, not everyone has to develop the skills of keynote speaking or Ted Talks, but everyone has some good reasons to get their own message out there in some way. The plethora of mediums available today enable even the most introverted to express their passions into the world.

The 3 Ps to Creating Great Moments.

Whether it is public speaking, one-to-one conversation, social media, writing e-books, podcasts, designing things people use or a million other ways to express your creative gifts, there is a methodology that will ensure you are the most powerful communicator you can be. I often have to remind myself to go back to these 3 incredibly important steps to generating great moments with our followers. Sometimes I forget, and it becomes evident when I blow an opportunity to convey what’s most important to me. But when I remember, oh my, lives change. Reminding me to be more diligent.

P # 1 is Prepare.

Duh, right? How could I forget this? Nothing replaces taking the time to prepare your message or design and think things through well ahead of time. This one act-of saving time on your calendar for preparation- can make all the difference. All it requires is holding the space and the discipline to give your audience what they deserve. A communicator that demonstrates reflective intelligence is always appreciated in the ultimate delivery. When you’ve thought things through, it is more likely to go smoothly for you and your audience can tell the difference. You will be able to operate in flow because the basics are all there. The ideal goal is to have the content and talking points done and not change them- at least several weeks before the presentation (or podcast or video, etc.)

P # 2 is Practice.

The second P is to do a run through a number of times. I like to do this once a day at the very time I am going to be presenting. Once every day for a couple of weeks if it’s a big presentation. Just a quick run through of the key points and what I want to say on each point. One run through, once a day. This is less painful than cramming the night before which can cause stress, and even panic. But it requires diligence. Once you’ve had a success with this method, you’ll be a believer, I can promise you that.

P # 3 is Presence.

This one goes with # 2. Just before I run a quick practice each day, I take a few minutes and do some deep breathing to get myself present. This one act calms the parasympathetic nerves and helps me get grounded and present with myself. Doing this just before the quick run-through ensures that my brain is learning something important. In the coaching field, we know that “what fires together wires together” in the brain. So I want my brain to expect that when I do a few breaths and practice my quick run through, I will be centered and grounded. I did this series of Ps when I had a very important presentation at the International Leadership Association years ago and nailed an 18 minute presentation in precisely 18 minutes, creating one of the best moments in my career. After that, I was a believer in this method.

Easy peasy.

The 3 Ps are simple and easy to do. But they require discipline and planning. They are designed to help you avoid ego fears about whether people will like you because they get you into your real self. And nothing is more powerful than someone speaking from their most authentic nature and telling you what they know because of the combined insights of their unique interests. Very powerful and more importantly, anyone can do it. In fact, I think we have a responsibility to do so. The world would miss out on what you’ve learned. A message that not one other person in the universe could convey.

Pam Boney, Founder tilt365.com