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Finding your voice
Finding your voice

I was never actually diagnosed with dyslexia but I’m pretty sure it would be an accurate assessment. Writing often wound up as an exercise in humiliation so I avoided it whenever possible. Back when I was in school very few people had even heard the term dyslexia so it was usually just addressed as slow learner, lazy or careless student, daydreamer etc. You can probably understand why it was never diagnosed. It’s been a huge roadblock for me yet somehow here I am all these years later writing a weekly post for one of the coolest companies I’ve ever worked with. I guess you could say that technically makes me a professional writer although I’m sure my English teachers would all collectively cringe at the irony.

I still struggle with most of these things. I guess that’s one of the biggest reasons why I turned to art. Art was never about following rules that didn’t make sense, it was simply a way to express myself and tell my story. I may never be a great writer but there are programs to help with that now. When I draw the struggle is gone and I get to say exactly what I want to say. What comes out of my pencil is a clear vision of what is in my head and best of all I never have to worry about why nothing is spelled the way it sounds.

We all have something to say, a story to tell. An artist expresses it with brushes, a musician with their instrument and a writer with their words. What do you want to say? Are you being heard? If not maybe it’s time to find your instrument and finally tell your story.