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Stop Chasing Likes and Create Something Better.
Stop Chasing Likes and Create Something Better.

Your project is complete, your finger hovers over the send button but it feels like a trap. Is it good enough, how many likes, shares, claps, hearts, thumbs upwill it get if you hit send? In today’s connected society we rely so heavily on the opinions of others we’ve almost forgotten how to trust our own gut. We end up chasing “likes” instead of creating something we truly love. We ignore our own inner voice in search of validation from others.

The temptation is strong, human nature by design leads us to socialize mainly with groups who share our beliefs. It’s in our DNA and is designed for survival. Standing out can be dangerous. Standing out challenges the group mindset. Challenge the collective mindset strongly enough and you could become ostracized. It’s why our finger hovers over the send button, it’s why standing up and speaking in front crowd is so terrifying, it’s why our instincts tell us to keep our heads down and blend in.

Taking risk requires courage. Standing out is dangerous but standing out is also what it takes to achieve greatness. Nothing great was ever achieved by blending in and conforming to the will of others. If you want to achieve greatness its time to stop chasing, “likes” and start taking risks.