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What are you willing to trade for success?
What are you willing to trade for success?

If you don’t want success as badly as you want your next breath then you don’t want it bad enough. If you’re not willing to work while everyone else sleeps you will be crushed by your competition. Without discipline, you will fail. What are you willing to trade for success? Sleep, your health, your sanity, your life? I was watching one of those random motivational videos that pop up in my feed on occasion. I get a lot of these, for whatever reason, and I’m usually a sucker for them but lately, the magic has worn thin. Where I used to find motivation, I now just see a someone who’s life is terribly out of balance. What good is success if I have to trade away every waking moment, feel miserable and be totally stressed to achieve it? I don’t know, maybe he’s got a few points here and there but honestly, who wants to live this way? 

When we strive for discipline that is a good thing because we are in control of our behavior. It allows us to be productive, make positive gains and achieve the goals we set for ourselves. We are healthy when we are balanced but when discipline goes too far, trading sleep for work, becoming stressed, making ourselves and those around us miserable etc., we are out of balance. We have gone from disciplined to obsessive. The further we push the further down the rabbit hole we go. I wish more of these videos viewed success not just as "how much money we can make while crushing the competition", but more about how to achieve success while maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.