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An umbrella could have saved the day.
An umbrella could have saved the day.

I'm on vacation right now and I’m already sunburned. I’m one of those guys that burn like bread in a broken toaster.  In the time it takes most people just to set up their lounge chair I’m done for the day. As a result, I’m usually pretty careful. Applying sunblock is a ritual for me especially at the beach but I guess I missed a few spots because now I’m sunburned, I’m on fire and it sucks. Getting sunburned is a lot like life. No matter how hard you try to prepare or how much sunblock you apply sooner or later things may not work out the way you planned.  So, you can either wallow in your misery or you can grab a frosty pina colada,  throw up an umbrella and enjoy the rest of your day because while your busy trying to make plans life is just fine reminding you where you forgot the apply the sunblock.