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The Extroverted Introvert
The Extroverted Introvert

A couple of years ago I was giving a talk to a group of artists. The topic of introverts vs extroverts came up so I asked where they felt they aligned. Many of them felt they were alone in a sea of extroverts but as they looked around the room they suddenly realized that nearly all of them identified as being introverted. When I asked what was the biggest misconception about being an introvert the response was nearly unanimous.  Yes, we need our alone time to recharge our batteries but we are not who you think we are. We're team leaders, speakers, teachers, coaches etc., we are also productive, ambitious and enthusiastic about our work. 

At Q & A time, my cohost brought up an important point that hit home for nearly everyone in the room. She was asked how she worked around being an introvert and yet was still so successful. She answered that for years she had struggled with that but one particularly difficult day she realized that being an introvert shouldn't be an obstacle to work around. She decided she would stop the struggle and embrace who she was. She now views it as who she is and something to work with rather than work against. She went on to explain that there are many obstacles that challenge us but being introverted or extroverted should not one of them. Embrace who you are, make the allowances you need and you will find it's easier to lead a more fulfilling life.