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Tiltology is our science about the evolution of personality development. It's based on a theory of personality and character development that goes way beyond "Typology"

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The twelve Tilt Personas or characters fall into four main categories, each with a distinctly different development goal for the identity.

The Tiltology Persona Map illustrates the evolution of the 12 personas in our identity as we become more balanced and conscious.

NOTE: To access detailed information on the persona Tilts, you will need to purchase our Tiltology book.

The 3 Seeker Tilts:
Goal: To find answers and meaning.

The Ideator
The Visionary
The Inventor

The 3 Hero Tilts:
Goal: To protect those who are vulnerable.

The Champion
The Explorer
The Guardian

The 3 Sage Tilts:
Goal: To find the truth that will help us feel safe.

The Investigator
The Scholar
The Architect

The 3 Healer Tilts:
Goal: To heal the pain in the world through support.

The Entertainer
The Humanitarian
The Counselor