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Tiltology - The Tilt Wiki

Tiltology is our science about the evolution of personality development. It's based on a theory of personality and character development that goes way beyond "Typology"

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Human Need: To be responsive and shift to context at will.
Mindset: Shifts to context with balance, ease and flow.

(All four Tilt patterns are easy and automatically wired-in so they are available to you).

Here we have become our most agile, conscious, creative, actualized, authentic self and operate with a mindset that contains regard for self, others and the greater community all at once. We operate from character strength more of the time and don't take ourselves or others too seriously to miss the point of a wonderfully diverse world. This means we embrace all four previous mindsets in ourselves but now we are mindfully present and CONSCIOUS as we move into the various mindsets, aware of the temptations and drawbacks of each. This is called a Holarchy.