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Tiltology is our science about the evolution of personality development. It's based on a theory of personality and character development that goes way beyond "Typology"

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About the Tilt Parabola
Interpreting Your Tilt 365 Results:

If you have a score of less than 3.5 in any of the 12 character strengths, then you may be operating from fear instead of character strength. This can be subtle and a blind spot for you to observe for a period of time until it comes to you, Or it could be obvious to you and you'll know what to do to correct it quickly. In either case, a low score means that you are either under-developed in this area (deficient in the character strength) or that you are overcompensating and overusing it and going to extremes in the application of the character strength. Both represent some kind of hidden fear that is driving the behavior and making it fall outside of the middle zone. This creates stress, conflict, drama and other reactionary affects in relationships.