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Tiltology is our science about the evolution of personality development. It's based on a theory of personality and character development that goes way beyond "Typology"

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The objective of the Tilt 365 system is to develop your personal Balance, Positive Influence, and Fulfillment:

Goal # 1: BALANCE
(Score of 3. 0 or better). The first objective is to achieve a level of personal BALANCE with a score of 3.5 in all four quadrants (Humanity, Wisdom, Courage and Resilience). If your score is 3.5 or better from total observers in all four quadrants, you personality traits are “in BALANCE”, meaning you can draw from both sides of thinking at once. Yet you may still have to work at your less-developed character strengths when stress or pressure. Otherwise, if you remain Tilted to one side exclusively, you could be tempted to default to the lower zones of your natural Tilt where you are less likely to be aware of your impact. Balance happens when we feel more secure and our inner core is developing naturally.

(Score of 3.5 or better). Once you have achieved balance, the next goal is to work toward becoming a consistent and robust Positive Influence. If your score is 3.5 or better in all four quadrants (Humanity, Wisdom, Courage and Resilience), you demonstrate a comfort with your environment that enables a consistent ability to be a Positive Influence with ease and rarely get out of balance or block flow. Because of a balanced state of conscious awareness, you easily create a climate that enables high levels of productivity and creative output around you as well. If you are balanced (above a 3.0) in at least two quadrants and a 3.5 or better in the other two, then you are creating positive influence, but may not be doing so in all situations or all of the time. Staying focused on your character-strength quadrants, while staying open to help from others who have character strength in your opposite quadrants, can still produce excellent collaborative results. Yet in this case, you need the other person to shore up your weaker side in order to be at your best and maintain the energetic flow.

There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity. –Nathaniel Branden


(Score above 4.5 from all others in all four quadrants). This indicates that you are not only generating positive influence but are also likely to be experiencing a phenomenon calledFlow or Zone, where you are focused on doing work that is an expression of your best creative effort. Others are resonating with your ability to apply complex reasoning that includes all aspects of whole-brain thinking.

(Self-scores above 4.0) Beyond externally focused achievement, there is something that can be much more satisfying- the inner sense of accomplishment we feel when we tackle new challenges and master them. This experience changes us both fundamentally and permanently because it increases our positive self-regard and self-respect. Your self-scores are most indicative of this phenomenon. Scores from others in the upper range zones (above 4.0) is direct validation that you at least look like you are doing fulfilling work that is expressing your unique genius.

Intentional Tilting

Life has its ups and downs and we sometimes need to challenge ourselves to grow, when we consciously choose to knock ourselves out of these higher levels for a time while we tackle a new skill or project. But the goal remains the same- to make the climb back up to these levels again after each new stretch challenge. For example, a person may go to graduate school to deepen their knowledge – increasing character strength in the Wisdom quadrant. As they immerse themselves in research they may notice that they shift out of balance with the opposing quadrant of Resilience – erring on the side of being factual and skeptical where they could lose touch with their imaginative, creative and inspiring aspects. As you integrate new learning, you may Tilt in a particular direction for a while as you bring news skills into your repertoire.

Expanding Your Positive Influence

The inner state in the Green and Blue zones is most important for our own emotional experience of fulfillment, but it has an impact on others too. When our thoughts, feelings, words and actions all come into alignment to accomplish something, an unintentional by-product is that our personal influence with others begins to expand and soar. When we grow and evolve our inner-selves, our outer world begins to change. Accomplishment of this sort can contribute to the world in meaningful ways, even when that wasn’t the original point of the effort.