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Educate your clients on the “type” paradigm. Our research shows that everyone has the potential to develop a well-rounded set of patterns exhibiting whole-person character-strength. Support your client’s growth with a strengths-based framework that easily explains the path to agility.

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Get certified in the Tilt Framework, assessments and development labs. Build them into daily team interactions to scale character throughout your organization.

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Once you have finished your first certification of the True Tilt Personality Profile™ assessment, you become eligible to join our Affiliate Partner Community™ giving you access to more learnings and 20% cash back on product sales.

Get Laser Coaching Certified

Level up your coaching skills through our ICF approved Laser Coaching Masterclass™ to support transformative development. Then join our Laser Coaching Community™ for continuous practice.

Differentiate Yourself - Get Tilt Certified

With one certification, get access to three powerful assessments for individuals and teams. Tilt tools are unlike any other personality assessment, and they go way beyond them with deeper insights into the root cause of people’s behaviors and a clear path to transformative growth. 

The framework and approach are so easy to remember and apply that clients see results fast, so they’re motivated to keep growing. Apply our Tilt Agility Labs™ to help teams solve their real problems real-time and fast. Tilt 365 includes not only assessments and development tools, but also an all-in-one platform for you and your clients that gives you complete autonomy and control over managing assessments and results.

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Affiliate Partner Community™

The Tilt Certification provides you with a solid foundation to understand the Tilt concepts, models, and assessments so you can deliver debrief sessions and coach people on how to become more balanced and agile. However, the acquired knowledge can quickly get stale if you don’t apply it immediately or often enough. To continue to deepen your understanding and practice of Tilt we offer you access to our Affiliate Partner Community™.

For any external coach or consultant, you get these benefits:

  • Ongoing access to certification materials to refresh your learning
  • Continued attendance at the Presence, Influence, and Strategies workshop to deepen your learning and ask more questions
  • Exclusive access to the workshop facilitation materials, including slides, facilitation notes, and hand-outs
  • Private resource library consistent with all Tilt tools models and exercises
  • Attendance to the monthly Mastermind Group to learn how you can make your business successful with Tilt
  • Attendance to monthly Advanced Tilt Education calls to deepen your understanding of the sub-personas
  • Participation in the Affiliate Rewards Program, which gives you 20% off on any Tilt product sold
  • Master Agility Practitioner badge

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Laser Coaching Masterclass™ and Community

Level up your coaching skills and help clients or leaders solve their own problems by learning the laser-focused coaching method, which we pair with the Tilt research and framework. Learn the coaching issues and derailers of the four most common Tilting patterns so you can coach with efficiency and precision. This coaching certification is ICF and SHRM-approved and counts towards the ICF ACC certificate.

Join our Laser Coaching Community™, an alumni group of masterful laser-focused coaches and supervised by our MCC master trainer Carol Keith. Join the monthly call on the second Wednesday at noon EST to practice and discuss challenging coaching clients or situations under supervision and learn from experienced colleagues over time.

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Tilt Certification
Live Cohort Tilt 365 Certification™
Get certified in all our modern, memorable, & actionable assessments and development tools you can use with individuals, team leaders & entire teams. Join a cohort of learners and deepen your learning with weekly facilitated, interactive live virtual sessions. Certifications are ICF and SHRM-approved. Single or 12 months payment plan available for one year access to learning.
True Tilt Personality Profile™
Team Agility Predictor™
Assessment Starter Kit valued at $1,600
Positive Influence Predictor™
Group workshop calls
20 hours of live virtual learning calls
12 monthly payments
Single payment
12 months
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Affiliate Partner Community™
Once you are certified on at least one of the assessments, join our Affiliate Partner Community to deepen your learning and get support in making your business successful. Choose between a monthly or yearly payment plan.
Ongoing Cert Material Access
Continued Workshop Attendance
Private Resource Library
Monthly Q&A Calls
Tilt Mastermind Group
Advanced Tilt Education
Affiliate Reward Program
Workshop Facilitation Material
Master Agility Practitioner Badge
per month
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Laser Coaching Certification

Enrollment open for Spring 2023 Cohort, starting February 7th until May 30th.

Laser Coaching Masterclass™
Level-up your coaching skills and help individuals solve their own problems by learning the laser-focused coaching method paired with the Tilt framework. Single or 12 months payment plan available for one year access to learning.
Access to curated content for 1 year
Engaging weekly live virtual discussion calls
Weekly coaching practice calls
65 hours of ICF credentials
12 monthly payments
Single payment
12 months
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Save $789
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Laser Coaching Community™
Once you are certified on Laser Coaching, join our Laser Coaching Community to continue to practice your coaching skills, receive advice for challenging coaching situations and how to grow your coaching business. Choose between a monthly or yearly payment plan. Get $10/month off when you are already a member of the Affiliate Partner Community.
Get $10 per month when you are a member of
the Affiliate Partner Community
Monthly Supervised Coaching Practices
Coaches Resource Library
Laser Coaching Masterclass Material
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What people are saying about our products and services

Hear success stories on how executives, coaches, and team leaders use the Tilt strengths assessment tools in the workplace to grow a generative work culture.

Sarah Larson
Sarah Larson-Head of Global Talent Management & Development at Atlassian

I love that Tilt helps us become conscious of what’s going on around us (the stress) and what it triggers inside of us (the fears) – as well as those things for our teammates. When companies, and teams, learn how they tilt, and overtilt under stress, incredible things happen - we become more bold and fearless and foster the conditions for innovation and creativity to prosper. We're hooked here at Atlassian!

Stuart Crabb
Stuart Crabb-Former Global Head of Learning at Facebook

Facebook was seeking a tool that would help reinforce this thinking, enabling leaders to have a positive and balanced perspective on their impact... TILT was the only tool of its kind in the marketplace that truly addressed these criteria, and it became the preferred tool for all our coaching engagements across the organization.

Frank Calderoni
Frank Calderoni-Chief Executive Officer at Anaplan

I have found that Tilt really gets to the heart of what makes people tick and can be a very helpful tool for shaping team culture. And at Anaplan, we have definitely taken it to a whole new level... What I appreciate about Tilt is that every person has all four personality types, we just tend to lean toward one or two more than the rest.

DeLisa Alexander
DeLisa Alexander-Former executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Red Hat

It’s essential to have mechanisms like Tilt that enable associates to provide actionable feedback and foster self-awareness of how each of us “shows up” to our colleagues. Tilt has also been a valuable addition to our toolkit for diversity and inclusion...


There are many forms of coaching used by the coaching profession. Action plan coaching is generally what new coaches are practicing and helps provide support and accountability for simple habit change goals. Transformational coaching is much more complex and requires a deep understanding of the human psyche and the unconscious patterns that often drive surface behaviors and outcomes, which come from many years of advanced study and practice.

There are many factors that are at play to be a successful coach. Most importantly, increasing your own self awareness and continuously focusing on your own self growth will give you the necessary foundation to serve your client in the best way possible as you are not occupied with your own stories and triggers. As a coach, you will need to first establish a trusting relationship so people are comfortable sharing their potentially uncomfortable emotions, feelings, needs and fears with you. This will allow you to help them recognize unhealthy and unconscious  thought patterns and outdated stories. Doing this deep reflection work will open up the person’s perspective, recognizing new possibilities and options they could not see before. This shift then allows you then to support the identification of concrete new behaviors that will create healthy habits.

Coaching assessment tools can be a personality self-assessment or a 360-degree feedback that can support your coaching engagement to provide valuable insight for your clients to better understand their natural preferences and how to purposefully move beyond those limiting beliefs and develop a set of new skills. It can help you and the client inform why they do what they do. This sense-making stage is important to identify actions that address the underlying reasons for the problems. The 360-assessment tool is helpful to validate the person’s self perception, or identify potential blind spots and hidden strengths. This can help fine tune the coaching goals and offer helpful information on the impact of one's own behaviors on others.

Personality-based assessments are very powerful as they go beyond skill assessments, going deeper into what is driving human behavior. Understanding the deeply rooted preferences can give you as a coach a framework and specific data point to support the client’s growth.

Tilt’s assessments are personality based and built on positive psychology. If you get certified on the Tilt assessments, you get more than just access to three powerful personality assessments, you will get a scientific validated framework that is simple enough to identify growth opportunities quickly. Tilt’s assessments go beyond putting people into a certain type, they help them choose character strengths to grow.

Although mostly professional coaches, HR leaders and team consultants are the ones who become certified practitioners, anyone can become Tilt certified.

Please click here to learn more about getting certified in our suite of assessment tools.

You have one year access to all three assessment certifications, allowing you to come back and review the content as needed. You can choose between a self-paced learning approach, starting anytime you want, or join a cohort with self-study elements and weekly application calls. With both approaches you can attend the live virtual group workshops.

For the self-paced certification, plan for about 8 to 10 hours for each of the three certification, plus attending the 2-hour live virtual workshops for each of them. If you choose the cohort-led approach, you will have three weekly 90-min application and discussion calls per certification.

There are many coaches out there. In order to be successful, you need to find a way to differentiate yourself. Using the Ikigai framework can help you identify what you love to do, what you are good at, what the word news and what you can be paid for. The intersection of these answers will provide you clearer insights into your true passion, mission, profession and vocation. This ultimately leads to getting to your overall reason of existence as a coach, your purpose.

With these six core strategies you will build a strong coaching business that attracts new clients and retains existing ones.

Strategy # 1: STABILIZE: Leverage what you know to create safety for your psyche

Strategy # 2: MOTIVATE: Narrow your offering to what you love doing most

Strategy # 3: CLARITY: Get clear about your ideal client & what they get from you alone

Strategy # 4: STRUCTURE: Plan and design your revenue market mix

Strategy # 5: FOCUS: Anchor everything you do with integrity to your vision

Strategy # 6: SCALE: Create an alliance to handle your non-niche clients

Unlike other assessment and coaching companies, Tilt helps you make your coaching or consulting business successful. You can be featured on our website and join our Affiliate Partner Community to learn more about how to build a successful business with Tilt.

Among the biggest and most recognized coaching certifications is the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for the United States and the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), more widely recognized in Europe.

If you plan on coaching within organizations with leaders and managers, getting a certification from ICF or EMCC can be highly beneficial, as both these organizations stand for high levels of quality. There are many great coaching schools and providers that are ICF or EMCC approved, which gives you the peace of mind that you will get an excellent coaching education.

An approach that enables breakthrough results by helping the coach stay out of the story and cultivate the person’s mindset and thinking instead of solving the problem for them. The skills this course offers are not available anywhere else because we teach more than just the laser-focused method. We link this powerful technique with a simple but scientifically derived visual framework that helps participants learn to quickly identify the top derailers, thinking mistakes, and misconceptions made by the four most common personality patterns assessed by the True Tilt Personality Profile assessment. Personality is where people’s identity begins, but their inner character strengths determine who they become. When combined with Laser Coaching, anyone is able to create inside-out change - allowing transactional coaching to create transformational change. This is possible because with laser-focused coaching breakthrough results happen when coaches stay out of the story and coach the person’s mindset and thinking, instead of solving the problem for them. As a result, it cuts right into the issues and creates a generative culture that allows people to work with agility and ease because it eliminates ego-drama and office politics.

This ICF and SHRM -certified coaching class combines the Tilt framework with the laser-focused coaching method. It offers a proven and unique approach that offers simple, but powerful tools for coaches that create transformational change with their clients. Beyond this going through the Masterclass stimulates personal growth for the coaches themselves as well, building the foundation of serving their clients in the best way possible.

Tilt goes beyond offering just certification. Once you are certified, you can join our communities of learners to continue to deepen your knowledge of Tilt and/or Laser Coaching and continue to practice your skills.