Four assessments, one certification.

Leverage personality assessments that help people grow agility and monitor their growth over time. Learn the four unconscious ego-patterns that are the source of all conflict and divisiveness in people and teams. Incorporate a design thinking framework into your learning, coaching, and workshops.
True Tilt Personality Profile certificate
Positive Influence Predictor certificate
Positive Influence Predictor certificate
Team Agility Predictor certificate

Remedy dysfunction with proven science

Anxiety, burnout, and divisiveness are at unprecedented levels during these continuously changing, post-pandemic times. Navigate this new normal by getting certified in a suite of science-based personality assessments that help people shift to an agile mindset so they can perform at their best.

Assessments designed for development


Uses powerful algorithms for enhanced speed.


Based on rigorous science with high face validity.


Uncovers what’s driving your clients' unconscious actions.


Designed with visual graphics for fast recall.


A clear path of action towards development.


Business language makes it easy to apply.

What you get

  • Free assessments and e-learning modules for self-discovery and practice

  • Free assessment and e-learning starter kit valued at $1300

  • ICF pre-approved for 40 CCE credits

  • SHRM pre-approved for 57 PDCs


Course info

  • Access to all three assessment certifications for 12 months with curated content

  • 8-10 hours of interactive self-study per certification

  • 7 hours of facilitated live virtual calls per certification

  • Electronic workbook for exercises and reflections

  • Access to the Tilt dashboard

Meet your facilitator

Katherine Gilliland
Katherine Gilliland


Katherine is an ICF-certified business coach and facilitator with a background in Management Consulting and Human Resources.

What people are saying

There’s nothing like the current moment to get started changing your life and career outcomes. “Personality is where we begin, but it’s our character that truly shapes our destiny.” -Pam Boney

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