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Tilt is a team of futurists, researchers, technologists and creatives with expertise in coaching, psychology and training. We came together to delight team leaders and their teams with a suite of scientifically validated development tools for people, teams and culture. Discover the 12 Character Strengths that create consistent, predictable and timeless behaviors that generate innovation. Learn how to increase the velocity of productivity exponentially with metrics that keep the climate healthy.

Love your culture.



There’s no problem that isn’t made better, or even solved, with greater character strength.

The most important truth that every person must accept today is that uncertainty is a certainty we can count on - particularly in the workplace. Uncertainty triggers natural resistance and immunity to change in people because we all naturally crave predictability and order in our lives.

Uncertainty is unsettling.

Character Strengths build agility and openness to learning.

Join the Movement to start generating positive influence around the world.

Never in history has character strength mattered more.

Experts say it's the blind spot of our time.

Agility is the missing metric.
Internal character strength is what enables external agility. A learning culture based on our validated framework quickly becomes the springboard for an experience called "flow" - where positive influence and innovation flourish.
Applied Creativity.
When people can trust the team culture to provide consistently positive interaction, more energy is freed up for productivity, creativity and innovation. Working in a culture where you can be the best version of yourself is just fun.
The Optimal Mindset.
We've isolated one profound, validated framework and suite of metrics to assess the presence of a fixed mindset vs. a growth mindset, the primary differentiator between teams who struggle in uncertainty and those who thrive during change.
Impact on Energy.
Until the mind can make sense of change and a new order is established, precious energy is diverted into subtle self-focused agendas and drama, bringing productivity and risk-taking to a hard stop. Yet, teams with internal agility keep thriving.


Build 5X the engagement using scalable, strengths based-assessments.

The Tilt Suite of scalable solutions provide timeless wisdom and continuous learning deployed on modern technology. Where would you want to take your best ideas? To an organization that is rife with egos, obstacles, politics, complacency and legacy processes? Or an organization that doesn’t tolerate ego-politics and thrives because people are internally strong, engage in courageous real talk and willing to take risks?

What does Tilt 365 do for your culture?

Keep Your Top Talent.
Character strengths are related to several dimensions of job performance, including: task performance, job dedication, interpersonal facilitation, and organizational support. The most talented contributors stay because they thrive in a culture that supports performance.
Love Your Culture.
The most talented people want to have positive experiences where they grow by associating with other talented people. The utilization of character strengths at work leads to more positive experiences (e.g. job satisfaction and engagement) at work.

Return On Investment.
CEOs who displayed character strengths had an average return on assets almost five times larger than CEOs with weak character. Such leaders shape a healthy climate where people are willing to voluntarily contribute extra discretionary effort in service of the mission.
Unified Teams do Great Things.
Divided teams fragment into silos. The solution? Beyond mere personality, leadership character grounds the climate in positive attributes that inspire people to rise above self-focused motives in service of a unified purpose and vision.

Who is Tilting?


Serious Character Science - Playfully Deployed

The Tilt Framework and Suite of Assessments have passed rigorous validation procedures and shown reliable psychometric properties. No other suite of people development tools are linked to an integral framework for whole-person identity development.

Tilt 365 is the only suite of strengths-based tools using the science of character development & its relationship with creative “flow”

Tilt 365 Service Solutions

Tilt Presence Workshop
Designed to increase internal agility and presence, this workshop reveals stress patterns that trigger counter-productive loss of energy. The True Tilt Profile helps people go beyond type to understand 4 patterns used to Tilt to context.
Tilt Influence Workshop
Designed to increase external agility in relationships, this workshop utilizes the Tilt365 Positive Influence Predictor to enable real-time feedback on the 12 character strengths that expand positive influence.

Tilt Strategies Workshop
Designed to increase agility in teams and climate, this workshop utilizes two team diagnostics that help teams shift to the Tilting pattern that ensures 4 specific outcomes. Intentional Tilting becomes a game changer for speed.
Agility Coaching Experts
Our unique design for agility coaching at the individual or team level, helps you scale coaching so its targeted and affordable for everyone in your organization, making a culture that it takes on a life of its own and spreads positive influence.


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