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Fresh, relevant, team and personality assessments - backed by character science and built for wherever you work.

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How personality assessments can help build your culture

  • Serious Science, Playfully Deployed. Character influences well-being and job performance for better ROI.

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  • Building a remote, agile culture with an agile mindset is easier than you think. Let us show you how. 

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  • Experts on demand: over 600 partners meet your needs as an individual, team or enterprise.

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  • Culture is a journey. Tilt tools allow you to keep shaping your culture over time.

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Who's Tilting?


Personality assessments that help you understand "what" you do and "why" you do it

Tilt's journey to agility is built with tools to help you scale from individual to enterprise.


True Tilt Personality Profile A wicked fast self-assessment with modern, relevant language to discover your most natural character strengths and not only what you do but why you do it. The Tilt visual framework makes it easy to remember and apply.

Positive Influence Predictor Take control of your development. Gather repeatable feedback on how well you use 12 key character strengths. This positive psychology assessment gives you the feedback you need to be more agile.


Team Climate Profile Understand your team's personality patterns and how they change under stress. Understanding how your team changes under stress helps you identify and minimize ego-drama and increase innovation.

Team Agility Predictor A team assessment that uncovers how well your team is positioned to meet the challenges of your current goals and enables you to develop strategies to adapt to ever-changing conditions and futures.


Workshops Experience on-site and live-virtual workshops to accelerate your development

Coaches You can access a world-wide network of Tilt-certified coaches and consultants with the expertise to help your team get from where they are to where they want to be.

Certification Scale coaching to targeted and affordable levels so that everyone in your organization contributes to creating a culture where everyone loves to work.

End ego-drama

Good, honest conflict that is resolved quickly is good for innovation. On the other hand, chronic patterns that trigger dysfunction come from self-esteem issues, produce exhausting drama and politics that are counter-productive. Knowing the difference is crucial to keeping teams creative and innovative.

Increase innovation

Tilt assessments increase self-awareness of unconscious behaviors and gets at the root cause of chronic patterns. Instead of typing people, Tilt helps them understand how to create a culture of responsibility where people love to work because they can focus on the work, instead of the ego-politics.

Tilt Evolve U

Grow your own self-awareness as you learn how to use Tilt with clients. Work with one individual, an entire team, or implement the suite of tools and workshops throughout a whole organization to build great company-wide culture.

Tilt also features over 600 certified coaches to help you scale to your needs.


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